Get to know our employees better and learn more about their journeys at Revieve in 2022.

Another exciting year has flown by. We saw a lot of growth in 2022 despite the global challenges that pressured our customers and us to look for new growth avenues and more seamless operations. This means turning our eyes to bold new horizons and opportunities to help our customers take their brand experience to new heights. Still, it also draws close to a year in which we grew, challenged, and celebrated our work altogether.

Our employees are always at the heart of what we do. We are a proud team of 70+ professionals embracing change daily. In light of that, we want to share with you some of our employees' highlights and achievements this year.

Get to know them better and learn more about their journeys at Revieve in 2022:

Joakim Kiiski - Senior Partner Success Manager, North America

Team: Partner Success 

There are many things that we celebrated together this year as a company. First, we got to organize our global Revieve Summit. What a week that was! I met all our colleagues from all our global offices here in Helsinki. 

A personal highlight is that I got more responsibility in the Senior Partner Success Manager role - such as holding the reigns for our customers in the US. It has been a busy year for me, but I have enjoyed it - every day has been different. 

Being part of the Partner Success Team makes everything easier - we are aligned in what we are doing and working super well as a team. This year we have launched several new customers to market and assisted them in optimizing their performance and getting the most out of their Revieve digital experiences. 

I can't help but mention that it has also been great to see many new strong individuals joining our leadership team:  Felipe, Irina, and Juliana. Cheers to all Revieve people and the great partners we work with - I cannot wait for what the next years will bring!

Kevin Larke - SVP of Sales and General Manager, Revieve North America

Team: Sales

First and foremost, we have reached a new level of cooperation this year. We've created a culture of accountability and a disciplined sales approach. I was honored to have had an opportunity to take this initiative forward in a way that enabled us to form a stronger bond and increase company revenue. Moreover, I'm thrilled that we have built an incredible North American team with talented people such as Eric, Sydney, and Katharine.

Another achievement of the year was signing key enterprise accounts such as JCPenney and CVS and making excellent traction with other leading beauty and cosmetic groups. We've also developed closer partnerships with our key clients, like Rodan and Fields, and understand how they leverage our solutions to be successful in a competitive global beauty market. Another highlight for me is that we had a chance to further penetrate Unilever Prestige by selling into brands like Living Proof, Kate Somerville, and more soon-to-be! 

And like Joakim, I was thrilled to meet the entire Revieve team in Helsinki in June 2022!

Merja Luostarinen - People Operations Manager

Team: People Ops

The biggest highlight of the year by far was by far having the team get-together in early June. It was so nice to see everyone in person, as the team has grown so much in a year!

Another highpoint of the year was getting a new colleague, Sehar on board! She looks after our recruitment and onboarding, and it has been a great how we have been able to support each other this year

For my own work, the biggest achievement has been re-designing our development discussions to better support our strategy going forward. And as we head into 2023, I want to grow even more together with the inspiring people at Revieve!

Vitalia Vasilkova - Content Marketing Manager

Team: Marketing

What a transformational year it has been! A year of hard work, growth, and new exciting opportunities. And what I love most about this job is that personal development never stops. 

Like many of us, I have also taken some personal initiatives to add some badges to my shoulders. This year I was able to wear several hats: heavily involved in PR and Comms with my amazing colleague Kim (I've learned so much from her), built and maintained relationships with journalists, organized events, supported various brand initiatives, developed and implemented the overall company's content strategy, and many more! I've also shifted from the Brand Communications and PR Specialist role into the Content Marketing position. This change enabled me to sharpen my skills and also helped me exceed expectations.

This year we also welcomed our new inspiring leader and CMO, Juliana Pereira. In Juliana, we have gained both a marketing expert whose values fit perfectly with our company culture and a caring and mindful leader. I feel very honored and fortunate to be a part of the Revieve Marketing team. I can't tell you how much it means to me to do a job alongside people who are as focused and driven as I am. And what's been truly exciting as we've built a culture of trust. Our unique "environment" is built on mutual respect, communication, and a shared commitment to success. This year, we also reached new heights, and I'm proud of each of us for never giving up and supporting one another!

Sonita Sajid - Finance and Administration Specialist

Team: Finance

This year was full of moments and events at the workplace and also in my personal life. Looking back, I met my best friend/cousin in Canada after eight years and had the chance to travel a lot while creating new memories with my kids. I've also done 90% of the courses from my MBA degree, which was an achievement for me. 

At work, what has been truly exciting has been welcoming our new CFO, Felipe Tunnell. He's a tremendous asset to our team and plays an instrumental role in driving Revieve's transformation forward and shaping our future growth. In addition, as a team, we have been working hard on implementing new tools to make our finance processes, such as subscription billing, revenue management, and contract management, more efficient. 

Stephania Sanchez- Product Manager Skin Care

Team: Product

My highlight this year has been to play a role in developing Skin Coach, with the objective of creating a digital experience that brings continuous customer engagement and accelerates post-purchase retention for beauty brands and retailers.

This year we successfully launched Skin Coach with two partners: Coralai™ in North America and BABOR in Germany. I look forward to 2023, where we will continue to build the existing Skin Coach experience into a leading digital product that will support the beauty industry in creating stronger two-way customer relationships with a hyper-personalized user experience.

From a team perspective, I have been delighted to see the growth and unity we have developed as a newly structured product team and across functions - we improved communication and processes with teams such as tech and implementation. It has sometimes been challenging, but we are motivated and look forward to the future. In addition, we have a more focused business strategy which is bringing a clear and aligned product roadmap.

Last but not least, I have been super happy to welcome our new Chief Product Officer, Irina Mazur. Her leadership, experience, and vision have been genuinely inspiring, as we are both women in the technology industry. I can’t wait to continue building the best products under excellent leadership and amazing teams! As I always say, ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM!

Jordi Talens - Fullstack Developer

Team: Software Development

To support our growing portfolio of partners, we continue expanding and optimizing our offerings while helping partners with implementation. One of the biggest highlights this year is that we managed to document and improve one of our biggest partner’s CRM. This enabled the brand to deploy the experience anywhere and at any time. We’ve also simplified some of our processes and created dashboards for easier collaboration and documentation. This year, I also feel we strengthened the sense of trust and ownership in our team.

Riddhi Shukla - Project Manager

Team: Implementation

The year 2022 has been excellent at Revieve. I got to implement projects for some of the world's best beauty brands and retailers, such as Shiseido EMEA, Super-pharm, and CVS Health, amongst many others!

The majority of my projects were about implementing Revieve's Digital  Makeup solutions. Within the implementation team, we internally created processes with our customers using multiple solutions, precisely, makeup solutions. I got an opportunity to participate in the training of other team members in the implementation team. In addition, we worked closely with the product team to improve the product based on partners'/customers' feedback.

Last but not least, meeting Revieve's global team in person during the summer at the company-wide summit was fantastic. The summit enabled working with the cross-functional remote team more closely than ever.