AI Foundation Matching

Provide the most accurate foundation shade recommendations based on the actual skin tone of the customer from a selfie analysis.
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A woman using a virtual foundation shade finder to analyze her skin tone and to find the best matching foundation
A woman using AI skin analysis software to analyze her skin tone and other facial features

Advanced Skin Tone Analysis from a Selfie

Revieve’s in-house computer vision technology analyzes the customer’s unique facial characteristics, such as skin tone, face shape, eye color and more.

Personalized Foundation Recommendations

Revieve’s AI algorithm, based on highly developed statistical methods, enables consumers to get highly personalized foundation shades. No large manual mapping exercises or pre-defined rules are needed.
A graph visualizing the personalized AI product recommendations for foundation products
A woman trying on different products with virtual foundation try on from home

Inform and educate your customers

Our solution now makes it easier to self-select the right shade, eliminating countless hours spent researching based on trial and error. Engage and delight your customers by enabling them to virtually try on different foundation shades or by providing a full virtual makeover experience.