Even before COVID-19 hit, No7 had recognized a growing demand for personalized, high-level online experiences and a need to serve its customers in any channel they prefer to shop. After reviewing the best of the best potential candidates, they chose Revieve as their trusted partner to enhance their digital capabilities.

No7 Puts Its Customers First

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) — the first global, pharmacy-led health and well-being enterprise — has a long history of sharpening its portfolio with stand-out businesses and brands. Among them is the No7 Beauty Company and one of its most iconic brands - No7. No7 is the UK’s No.1 skincare brand*, and the first brand to offer clinically-proven, scientifically-backed, ground-breaking results.

Since 1935, No7 has been helping women look and feel their best, with the energy and confidence to take on anything. Its scientifically proven products provide care for skin health at all ages.

No7’s in-depth consumer research, product testing and understanding of the skin continues to drive its scientific research and innovation programme, and develop the next generation of age-defying ingredients and technologies in skincare.

No7 is known for developing world-leading, clinically-proven products, from age-defying serums to benefit-enriched cosmetics.

“At No7, we believe that all women deserve skincare that delivers on its promise,“ said Kiran Sandhu, Global Innovation Manager for Skincare at No7 Beauty Company. “We understand women and their skin like nobody else and we use our unrivalled knowledge to develop world leading, scientifically proven products which really work.”

Driven by a passion for its community, No7 has the exceptional ability to adapt to changing consumer needs and habits, essential in the fast-moving beauty industry. Even before COVID-19 hit, it had recognized a growing demand for personalized, high-level online experiences and a need to serve its customers in any channel they prefer to shop.

“The traditional skincare market is beyond saturated and differences in product benefits between brands are infinitesimal and the choice is now beyond overwhelming for consumers,“ Sandhu explained. “But despite the range of choice, many consumers still struggle to find the right products for them.”

However, the global pandemic evolved with unprecedented speed and scale, followed by an accelerated shift to e-commerce, prompting No7 to anticipate unmet customer needs. The brand was challenged to answer to the demand by offering high-standard digital guidance and strengthening its online brand experience.

“It’s more important than ever that we provide a personalized brand experience and product offering that enable every customer to shop how they want, because growing brands through relevant product differentiation alone isn’t enough. Today’s consumers don’t just buy products, they buy experiences, they are empowered and expect personalization." - Kiran Sandhu - Global Innovation Manager for Skincare, No7 Beauty Company.

A Trusted Partner to Improve Digital Capabilities

No7 Beauty Company’s Skincare Innovation team was responsible for finding a solution to match the needs and goals of No7. A solution fulfilling the requirement for industry-leading quality and service.

After reviewing the best of the best potential candidates, they chose Revieve as their trusted partner to enhance their digital capabilities.

Following evaluation with No7’s leading scientists and dermatologists, the team decided to implement Revieve’s world-leading self-diagnostic digital skincare solution, the AI Skincare Advisor. The solution leverages Revieve’s market-leading selfie skin diagnostics, powered by artificial intelligence.

Combining user data about consumers’ personal skin concerns and needs along with external location data, the AI Skincare Advisor provides end consumers with a personalized skin analysis and tailored regimen of No7 product recommendations. The solution replicates the guidance offered by an in-store beauty consultant and provides education and assistance in finding the best products suited for each customer’s unique skincare needs.

“Revieve was the ideal partner for many reasons. They are the expert in skin based image analysis, they have broad existing product offer, and ongoing development areas, which meet our future aspirations for both skincare and cosmetics,” Sandhu explained. “Revieve was also reputable, agile, and already working with large retail and brand organizations.“

No7 brought Revieve’s skin diagnosis capabilities and AI-recommendation engine to the Boots UK and Boots Ireland e-commerce sites.

Only three months after the initial idea, the customized skincare analysis solution went live on BootsUK and Boots Ireland e-commerce sites. “The idea went through six rounds of design iterations and two days of test and learn before the team felt it was ready to go live,” Sandhu said. “We were able to go live with this digital skincare service just when consumers wanted it, launching during the COVID-19 pandemic."

The powerful combination of Revieve’s operations team and product database, the productized technology, AI-powered product recommendation engine and overall management of the solution all empowered fast web integration. Revieve’s operations team of industry-leading experts shared helpful insights of the solution’s best practices, providing the partner with an effortless and seamless implementation process.

"With Revieve’s AI Skincare Advisor, we now have the ability to measure, diagnose, and create personalized holistic interventions to help our consumers care for their skin like never before, and their technology also enables our consumers to access to discovering the right products for their skin, paired with a personalized experience from the comfort of their home.”

Driving Tangible Business Results

The main goal for No7 was to create personalized and unique online brand experiences, and to measure, target, monitor and create personalized, holistic interventions, offering unprecedented skin support to its consumers. Right after going live, No7 started seeing the results in its online sales. The latest results from No7 show great proof of how engaging online advisor experiences are for consumers and help drive business results. During Q2 2021 No7 saw that with the use of the Online Skincare Advisor its costumers converted 3.6 times better and the average order value increased by 48%.

Additionally, the feedback from end consumers has been magnificent. The consumers’ comments especially highlight the easiness of finding suitable skincare products and understanding their skin needs better.

3.6x higher conversion - 48 % higher average order value

No7 now has a new platform for embracing their scientific expertise to educate consumers in their journey to better skin health. In addition, the company now has access to rich first-party data to better understand their consumers on an individual level. The Personalized Skin Analysis solution gathers first-party user data throughout the user flow, which enables the partner to easily comprehend consumer behavior, quickly react to new trends and to anticipate the future skincare needs of their consumers while complying with the strictest consumer privacy policies.

One of the reasons No7 chose Revieve as its partner was the unified view of not only the beauty industry today, but also the future of beauty, health and wellness. “We saw the potential for future roadmap of experiences," said Sandhu.

No7 has already benefited from the digital solution through the early stages of the pandemic and has been able to provide exceptional skincare experiences to its consumers during one of the hardest times in retail history. However, the digital experiences are here to stay and No7 have plans for enriching its in-store and online experiences with Revieve’s other offerings.

“We are excited about the opportunity for future development of the solution through the implementation of greater functionalities, building new capabilities as we go,” said Sandhu. “Beyond this, we are eager to learn more about Revieve’s future roadmap and any potential opportunities that could fit with our on-going ambition to deliver our No7 consumer truly personal experiences.”

"Launching No7 Personalized Skin Analysis is our latest step in bringing even more personalized products and services to our No7 consumers as part of our mission to create a leading global beauty business.” - Munnawar Chishty - VP and Global Category Director of Beauty, No7 Beauty Company