Our CSR & ESG Commitments

Revieve is a company with people, the planet, and society at the core of its operations. As a company with strong Finnish roots, we stand for equality, trust, transparency, and responsible use of technology.
We seek to deliver impact in everything we do by building meaningful industry partnerships, bringing innovation in beauty with our continuous product development, and curating a safe and prosperous environment for our employees to grow and develop. .

We believe

Revieve is a company with people, the planet, and society at the core of its operations. As a company with strong Finnish roots, we stand for equality, trust, transparency, and responsible use of technology.

Revieve is committed to operating its business in a way that supports an environmentally sustainable future. This is part of our ongoing commitment to our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and communities.

We view compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations as a minimum standard of performance for our global operations. Beyond this, we commit to ongoing improvement, setting performance improvement goals, and implementing best practices supporting global sustainability objectives.

We seek to deliver impact in everything we do by building meaningful industry partnerships, bringing innovation in beauty with our continuous product development, and curating a safe and prosperous environment for our employees to grow and develop.

As a company, we believe in doing what's right. Doing the right thing means going above and beyond sheer requirements for our people, partners, the planet, and constantly look for innovative ways to do good for the world.

Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale

Today's consumers are expecting a high level of personalization. Revieve's consumer-centric platform helps you create personalized experiences that your customers will love, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.


As a company working at the intersection of beauty and technology, Revieve was founded with a diverse workforce to build the most inclusive and accessible beauty technology algorithms.  We foster collaboration and trust among teammates, allowing everyone to do their best work. We build a flexible workplace that allows employees to live their best work-life, works for everyone equally,  and supports their wellbeing.


Through our digital beauty experiences, we empower brands and retailers to shift the responsibility from consumers to brands by supporting them in delivering personalization at scale. Together with our brand and retail partners, we are bringing environmental conscience into the purchasing journey by providing customers with the knowledge that allows them to make more informed choices and try on products virtually before purchasing.


Our beauty technology experiences are crafted with end-user focus and true-to-life algorithms. By delivering true-to-life digital beauty experiences, we contribute toward healthier beauty perceptions and empower users to decide what’s best for them and make them feel seen, heard, and valued. We comply with the law across all our business touchpoints, such as data privacy and user accessibility.


Here are three pillars upon which we empower our people to do their best:  

Employee Engagement

Through their daily actions, our employees worldwide can significantly influence our environmental performance. We commit to engaging our employees in environmental sustainability initiatives, raising awareness of how they can support our goals while limiting their impacts, and harnessing their energy and ideas.

Employee Wellbeing

We continue to explore best practices in healthy building standards and integrate those into our building design. This includes optimizing indoor air quality, maximizing access to daylight, and promoting overall healthy habits by providing access to healthy foods and fitness programs.

Employee Travel and Commute

We provide transportation options to employees, including ride-sharing, preferred parking for carpools, and electric car charging stations. Collaboration tools enable employees to conduct meetings and projects virtually, reducing the need for car or air trave


Here are four areas upon which Revieve takes responsibility for its environmental impact:

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As a technology company, our data centers and offices are a significant contributor to our carbon footprint and business and commute travel by our employees. We quantify the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from these activities, and we commit to implementing measures to reduce our energy use and emissions directly.

Resource Management

We have implemented waste reduction strategies in our offices around the world. We deploy reuse, recycle, and compost programs for office and catering waste and have a robust program to repurpose and recycle electronic waste. We continually seek opportunities to engage our employees in our efforts to divert an increasing percentage of our waste from landfills or incineration.

Green Buildings

We commit to integrating high standards of environmental performance into the design and operation of our buildings. We actively seek to implement green building principles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve resource efficiency, and provide our employees with a healthy and productive working environment.
We utilize systems to ensure optimal operating and energy efficiency in our larger offices.

Sustainable Purchasing

Through our procurement decisions, we mitigate environmental impacts arising both in our operations and our supply chain. We consider the environmental performance of key goods and services as part of our purchasing process.

Leading the Next Generation of Personalized Health, Beauty and Wellness Commerce

At Revieve, we see the future of commerce as both inherently personal and technology-driven. Combining world-class industry and platform expertise, Revieve partners with global leading retail, brand, e-commerce, media, and digital service providers to build customer-centric solutions that accelerate businesses today and prepare them for tomorrow.

Empowering You to Live Your Best Work-Life

Revieve's culture is built on a growth mindset, taking ownership and being supported by your colleagues. We encourage you to stay curious, think out of the box and continuously seek growth.

By taking ownership of our roles, we ensure we stay on the course and in that way, support one another. We believe that you know best how to do your job so we don’t see a point in telling you when and where to work.

A Finnish Company with an International DNA and Global Presence

Revieve is a Finnish company with English as its working language. Today, we have grown into a team of over 60 talented professionals with roots in the US, Germany, Costa Rica, Angola, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, and more!

We embrace everyone’s backgrounds, differences, and experiences because it enriches our work and the products we build for our customers. If you want to leave your mark in this success story we can't wait to hear from you!

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Our values


Revieve is a Trusted Intermediary Platform that is committed to the security, privacy, and reliability of our technology services. Our goal is always to ensure that our retail, brand, e-commerce, media and digital service partners, can provide the most trustworthy and authentic services.
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We value your and your customers’ privacy and comply with the strongest privacy protection policies so that you can focus on delivering the best possible personalized experiences for your customers.
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Revieve’s enterprise-grade CCPA and GDPR-compliant infrastructure for data transmission, processing, and storage ensures the protection and privacy of any data entrusted to Revieve.
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With the highest-level security procedures executed at all levels of development and production, Revieve is the industry leader in security.
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We pride ourselves on best-in-class transparency in our data collection and data management policies and procedures.


As a global services provider, Revieve provides their partners with access to the best technologies and responsive teams to help drive their business. Our continuous drive for cutting-edge technological discoveries and our innovative approach to development helps us rapidly respond to changing customer needs, our partners’ expectations, and the latest market trends.
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In-house technological excellence

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Highly personalized AI-powered recommendations

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Continuous and exacting platform development

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Global Offices

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Europe Headquarters
Köydenpunojankatu 2 a D, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
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US Headquarters
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza,Suite 570, Chicago, IL 60654.
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Center of Product Development Excellence
Valencia, Spain
Other locations
New York, US - Stuttgart, Germany - Shanghai, China - London, England - Toronto, Canada - Curitiba, Paraná Brazil - Guadalajara, Mexico - Taipei, Taiwan - Tokyo, Japan