The Digital
Beauty Advisor


Market Leading white label Digital Beauty Experiences

We combine Skin Diagnostics, AI-Driven recommendations and Augmented Reality for delivering leading beauty technology for retailer and brands across all channels.

Advanced Skin Diagnostic

Provide Digital Skincare Advisor experience for your customers online and in-store.

Combine advanced selfie face mapping skin analysis with user data to provide automated AI-driven skincare product recommendations along with advice and education.

AR-Driven Digital Makeup Experiences

Create Virtual Makeup Advisor experiences across channels to deliver personalized makeup recommendations and tutorials based on user skin analysis and individual characteristics.

Further transform the beauty experience with advanced 3D live video makeup virtual try on.


Build scalable beauty experiences across all shopping channels.

Easily deployed across your own online and offline channels like web, mobile, apps and in-store or within 3rd parties like WeChat, Tmall, FB Messenger and Voice-platforms.

Get started with Revieve NOW

Upgrade your beauty shopping experience now

With end-to-end Digital Beauty Advisor solutions that can be easily integrated to your online or in-store channels.

Improve effectiveness of Marketing spend

Retain consumers on your website using a Digital Beauty Advisor to help them figure out if a particular product fits them.

Drive customer-life value

Leverage Individual insights shared by costumers through the Digital Beauty Advisor to drive post-purchase engagement and customer loyalty.

Increase conversion and basket size

Drive tangible revenue-generation on your e-commerce site and increase conversion and transaction size.


Your brand is unique. The Digital Beauty Advisor is fully white-labeled and customized to your brand, tone of voice and features.

It’s your customer-experience for beauty-customers.


The Digital Beauty Advisor is offered both as a fully functioning end-to-end solution that can be easily and quickly deployed in any channel or through our API and SDK for building custom beauty personalization applications by your in-house team or partner.

Get in touch with us for more customized solutions including AR tutorials, skin tracking and other advanced features.


All of our Digital Beauty Advisor -solutions leverage AI-driven recommendation engine that fully automates the recommendations for product, content or services based on user skin profile and your product information.


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