Transforming Digital
Beauty Experiences

Take the initiative in beauty e-commerce by enabling unique, personalized engagement with skincare, health, wellness and color cosmetics products with real-time proprietary AI and AR beauty technology.

Tangible Business Value

A co-branded beauty solution that adapts to your needs. Transform the beauty customer experience by enabling unique, personalized engagement. Real-time proprietary AI and AR technology will help you to seamlessly integrate brand touchpoints to improve online and in-store engagement.

The Revieve platform builds business value for partners by creating customized interactive consumer experiences across all touchpoints – from online and in-app to in-store screens, digital and social platforms.

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The Digital Beauty Advisor

The Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor, is a proprietary self-diagnostic platform that personalizes the shopping experiences for skincare and cosmetics.

The AI Skincare Advisor is easy to use. Consumers can upload a selfie and the platform will instantly provide detailed diagnostics and recommendations of specific products and treatments tailored to their needs and personal preferences.

The AR Makeup Advisor empowers consumers to “try” cosmetics before they buy. Revieve utilizes best-in-class digital makeup sampling and try-on features that are visually engaging and fun to use.

The AI Nutrition Advisor pioneers in enabling your customers to discover their optimal vitamin and supplement regimens that adapt to each individual’s personal health and wellness goals.

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AI Nutrition Advisor
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