AI Nutrition Advisor

Revieve is leading the field of personalized nutrition.  Our AI Nutrition Advisor enables your consumers to discover their optimal vitamin and supplement regimens that adapt to each individual’s health and wellness goals.
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Consumer-Centric Nutrition Routine
in 3 Simple Steps

Cut out the confusion and distrust associated with the product discovery and consumption of beauty vitamins and supplements. Drive your average order value growth and conversion rates by recommending a fully personalized nutrition routine for your consumers.

Step 1

Get a profound understanding of your consumers

Revieve provides data and insights to help you understand consumers’ concerns and goals regarding health and wellness.

Step 2

Provide the education your consumers want

Revieve's AI Nutrition Advisor helps you inform and guide your consumers in their personal journey towards better health.

Step 3

Provide a digital nutritionist experience

Revieve's powerful AI-recommendation engine matches users' concerns, goals, and preferences to selfie analysis results to recommend vitamins and supplement the end customer needs.

Powerful and Intelligent Technology

AI-powered Skin Diagnostics

Revieve’s AI selfie skin diagnostics enables the most advanced digital nutrition advisor experience. The capability to analyze the consumer’s face to discover nutritional deficiencies and to improve skin health makes AI Nutrition Advisor the leading solution in the industry.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Revieve’s proprietary recommendation engine, powered by AI-algorithms, creates a personalized supplement routine of the best products and most suitable ingredients for each of your end consumers.

Transparent and Educating Experience

The user flow is carefully designed with leading nutritional experts to replicate the in-store nutritionist’s guidance and to build trust with the user by providing a scientifically informed health routine.

Engaging Omnichannel Experience

Revieve’s AI Nutrition Advisor enables you to personalize consumer search, evaluation, and purchasing experiences, both in-store and online. Accessible via desktop, tablets, mobile, and other additional in-store hardware in any browser or operating system. Easily deployed across e-commerce, mobile apps, Voice Shopping, FB Messenger, or WeChat.
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Revieve Helps You Create Digital Experiences
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Revieve is your expert companion on your journey towards personalized digital brand experiences. We are ready to help you improve your digital capabilities starting today.
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