#1 AI Skin Diagnostics Technology

Enterprise-grade built-in technology makes Revieve’s AI Skincare Advisor the market-leading solution for skincare globally.

Powerful In-House Computer Vision Technology

Revieve uses a unique approach that combines CV algorithms with statistical, mathematical methods. We are an enterprise-grade partner in terms of mobile-driven skin diagnostics. The analysis measures around 20 main metrics and more than 200 sub-metrics accurately and with scientific backing, delivering powerful personalization.

Visualization and Analysis of Different Skin CONCERNs

Real-time analysis of shopper’s selfie to identify different skin problems. Proprietary analysis and detection of wrinkles, eyebags, skin radiance, skin texture, skin shine, dark spots and redness, etc.

The Trusted Partner in Skincare

The solution has been independently evaluated by multiple customers in terms of accuracy and repeatability. Excellent scores compared to leading in-dermatologist-office skin analysis solutions.