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Skincare Becomes No1: Personalize the Beauty Brand Experience

Skincare Becomes No1: How to Personalize the Brand Experience in the Highly Competitive Beauty Industry

On April 13, 2021, we hosted our quarterly Product Launch Event, where we announced our latest key addition, Skin Coach, to Revieve’s Health-Beauty-Wellness platform. In addition to the product showcase, we were delighted to have Rosemarie Holcomb, Vice President of Brand & Consumer Engagement at Hydrafacial, join Dean DeBiase, Revieve Chairman, to discuss the value Skin Coach will drive to brands and retailers.  

In the event, we also sat down with Elodie Levy, a recognized pioneer and expert of digital marketing and communications in the luxury and beauty industry. Elodie joined a thought-provoking conversation with Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve, about the future of the beauty industry, why skincare is now the most value-driven beauty category, and the role of personalized, digital brand experiences. 

Digital Brand Experiences Drive the Future of the Beauty Industry

The exceptional year has been fundamentally transforming many industries, beauty in particular. The global pandemic has brought several difficulties in the retail space, but also a lot of opportunities for leveraging innovations and digital services. Before, beauty companies used to take a lot of time figuring out whether integrating AI/AR-powered technology was really useful and value-creating. “Over the past year, it turned obvious that we needed to serve our clients better through digital services and innovation,” Levy noted.  

Consumers have adapted to the ongoing situation faster than expected. Providing digital, no-touch experiences and prompt online deliveries quickly became an industry standard.

“It’s not a new innovation in the mind of the consumer but a part of the experience that consumers expect and are starting to demand,” said Sampo Parkkinen.  

Even though the shift to online has been inevident and digital technologies have especially been harnessed to enrich online brand experiences, the acceleration of digital has also affected the offline environment, and the future of beauty is fundamentally shifting from a channel-centered view to a more consumer-centric view. “The journey of the consumer has become one single path and hyper-connected,” Levy said.  

The changes in consumers’ environment have also affected consumers’ needs in terms of beauty, and the trend is more accurate than ever now. That has concretized with an explosive success of skincare over makeup. And the shift is expected to be partly permanent. 

Both Levy and Parkkinen agree that it’s never too late to invest in digital. “The next best time to invest in digital is now…, it’s part of the future to a growing extent and stores are not going anywhere,.. there’s still going to be a need for a physical presence especially in beauty, but digital is going to play a much larger role,” Parkkinen pointed out.  

Working in the hair category, Elodie Levy has seen the same trends of hyper-personalization and tailored experiences arise. The key will be to combine digital solutions with the physical experience.

Skin Coach - Create More Meaningful Customer Engagement, Personalized Brand Experiences, and Accelerate Customer Retention

The newly unveiled solution, Skin Coach, will provide Revieve’s partners a deeper and a more holistic way to understand their customers and provide them with personalized guidance throughout their skin health journey.

Consumers can seamlessly create their Skin Coach profile and continue the interaction with a partner’s brand after completing the AI Skincare Advisor experience on their website or in their app or by simply scanning a QR code from a product packaging. 

The solution enables end consumers to understand their skin better, set personal skin goals, and track their skin improvements over time with Revieve’s market-leading AI skin diagnostics technology. Not only does Skin Coach show how far they have come, but it also forecasts how the skin will improve if they keep following their skincare routine and recommends products and treatments to help them achieve their goals faster.

Like all of Revieve’s solutions, the Skin Coach experience is designed to provide a personalized education that matches each user’s current skin metrics and skincare routines. The goal of Skin Coach is to help customers understand their skin better and to make more informed decisions that will lead to better skincare results and higher customer satisfaction. Revieve’s partners have already started implementing Skin Coach to elevate their brand experience.

Learn more about Skin Coach here.

“Personalization is something that’s really important to Hydrafacial, and in addition, making skincare simple. When we looked at Skin Coach, we identified that this would be a great way to tie all of the different ways that we can personalize the treatment for the consumer and help them discover on their own. The consumer is more savvy than ever before, and they want to seek out the treatment that is right for them, but there are so many options, so this helps us guide them in the right direction. This is the way of the future; this is how consumers are seeking out information, and we are excited to be launching this,”
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Rosemarie Holcomb
Vice President of Brand & Consumer Engagement