Realistic AR Makeup Virtual Try-On

Revieve’s commercial-grade AR technology enables you to provide outstandingly realistic try-on experiences for your consumers in real-time.
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True-to-life and natural makeup virtual try-on application using AR to apply makeup on the user’s face
A woman taking a selfie and using realistic AR virtual makeup application to try on makeup


AR virtual try-on empowers consumers to try on cosmetics before they buy. Engage and delight your customers by enabling them to try individual makeup products virtually or provide a complete virtual makeover experience.

Makeup applying

To get the most realistic end-result, we split the image into 3 separate processes that include working with shadows, mid-tones and highlights. We ensure the best emulation of the makeup on all devices with the highest performance by using WebGL Library
 A woman at home using ar powered makeup virtual try on to test eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyelines, blushes, and foundations
 A woman with dots on her lips, eyes, and cheeks visualizing where in her face the virtual makeup try on is applying the makeup products

Product Page or Multi-Category Virtual Try-on

Enable your consumers to try on individual cosmetics products directly from the product page or multiple makeup categories simultaneously. Easily integrated anywhere on the ecommerce platform or in a separate URL.