Makeup Virtual Try-on

Unleash Shopper Imagination with AR Makeup Try-on

Allow consumers to experiment and visualize your entire makeup assortment anywhere and anytime with the most realistic true-to-life virtual try-on experience.

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Next-generation Virtual Makeup Try-on Experience

Provide customers with interactive and personalized beauty try-on experiences regardless of where they shop. Revieve’s virtual try-on offers the most lifelike and intuitive AR-powered makeup visualization and application.

All Makeup Categories

Enable virtual try-on for all makeup products across the face, lips, eyes, and eyebrows categories.

Flexible Technology

Inspire shoppers with powerful capabilities to try on single products, product bundles, and full makeup looks.

Creative User Control

Unleash the ultimate creativity by allowing consumers to experiment with a variety of makeup application styles.

High-Performance Face Tracking

Guarantee Ultimate Accuracy and Agility

Revieve’s multi-hundred-point face tracking accurately detects facial landmarks and movement, enabling an incredibly realistic and smooth try-on experience for still images and live video. The leading technology is optimized across all ethnicities, demographics, ages, and genders so you can provide fully inclusive makeup experiences, ensuring that every consumer feels represented and empowered.

True-to-life Augmented Reality

Bring Your Products to Life

Effortlessly create highly precise, custom visualizations of your makeup products with Revieve’s state-of-the-art AR capabilities. The powerful, automated skin tone and lighting adjustment and the extensive configuration possibilities ensure that the AR effect matches the product’s true color, intensity, and finish and applies seamlessly to every unique face.

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