Engage All Your Makeup Shoppers

Inspire, guide, and empower each of your makeup shoppers to choose without limiting them. Everything your customer needs to make a confident purchase is in the same experience.

Step 1

Hear the Consumer

No makeup shopper is the same. Put your customers in focus by identifying each individual’s intentions and needs.

Step 2

See the Consumer

Get a holistic understanding of who your customers truly are with the most reliable AI Selfie Analysis that leverages Revieve’s patented computer vision technology.

Step 3

Empower the Consumer

Make your customers own their beauty by helping them find exactly what they’re looking for with automated AI-powered product recommendations, and optimized makeup virtual try-on.

Drive Long-term Growth through Personalized and Relevant Digital Brand Experiences

Four women doing their unique makeup routines

Create 1:1 Relationships at Scale

Interaction with your customers should be effortless and deliver two-way value. Revieve’s AI Makeup Advisor enables you to boost your brand affinity by learning who your customers are and connecting with them on a much more personal level.

Build Trust through Authenticity

Today’s savvy consumers demand immersive experiences to stay loyal to your brand. AI Makeup Advisor allows you to engage more authentically by providing value beyond your products with personalized and dynamic makeup education and guidance.
AI face diagnostics analyzing a woman’s face and providing the results in a visual way
A user profile with relevant zero- and first-party data captured

Make Your Customer Journeys More Predictable

Unlock unparalleled zero- and first-party consumer data to gain intelligence on how your customers interact with your brand across all touchpoints. Prevent journey abandonment by tracking, optimizing, and anticipating your customers’ next steps.

Consistent Omnichannel Brand Experience

Revieve’s AI Makeup Advisor enables you to personalize your makeup experience anywhere your customer interacts with your brand – in-store and online. The AI Makeup Advisor is accessible via desktop, tablets, mobile, and additional in-store hardware in any browser or operating system - also easily deployed across e-commerce, mobile apps, voice shopping, and social media.

Deliver Your Unique Brand Purpose

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your brand is unique, and so are your customers. The market is moving fast, and we understand the urgency of staying competitive and providing more meaningful experiences with your brand. Get your customized makeup experience live with the fastest and most reliable go-to-market process.
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More than a platform: A true partner. 
Leading the next generation of personalized makeup and commerce

Expert support by your side. Revieve is leading the next generation of personalized health, beauty, and wellness commerce. Revieve experts are available when you need them, and we are ready to take your digital commerce to the next level.
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