AI Suncare Advisor

Revieve helps you pinpoint consumers’ UV protection deficiencies and recommend the optimal suncare routine for maximum safety with Revieve’s advisor solution for suncare.
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Personalized Suncare Routine
in 3 Simple Steps

Revieve’s AI Suncare Advisor enables you to help your consumers prevent skin damage caused by UV rays by addressing factors that affect skin health.
Drive revenue growth and encourage your customers to adopt a holistic approach to sun protection and after-sun care by recommending a personalized suncare routine.

Step 1

Get to know your customers

Get an in-depth understanding of your consumers’ needs and preferences for suncare products and treatments.

Step 2

Educate consumers on their personal sun safety

Revieve's AI Suncare Advisor helps you to educate your consumers about their skin type and skin health, which affect sun protection needs.

Step 3

Provide guidance for the ultimate sun protection

Revieve's AI Suncare Advisor combines consumer preferences and skin diagnostics to recommend the perfect regimen for sun protection and revitalizing the skin after the sun.

Sophisticated and Trusted Technologies

Market-Leading Selfie Skin Analysis

Our AI Suncare Advisor leverages Revieve’s advanced skin analysis technology. The proprietary computer vision technology diagnoses the most relevant skin health-related factors critical for each consumer’s personal sun protection.

Automated and Optimized Product Recommendations

Revieve’s AI-powered product recommendation engine automatically combines selfie analysis results, user data, and external location data with the partner’s product selection. The powerful algorithms ensure that you deliver the best suncare routine for each end consumer.

Seamless Multi-channel Solution

Revieve’s AI Suncare Advisor enables  you to personalize consumer search, evaluation, and purchasing experiences – both in-store and online. The Suncare Advisor is accessible via desktop, tablets, mobile, and additional in-store hardware in any browser or operating system - also easily deployed across e-commerce, mobile apps, voice shopping, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat.
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