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Join our Partner Ecosystem and take part in building the future of beauty, health, and wellness powered by technology.Let’s create a thriving beauty tech ecosystem and grow together.

Why join the program?

Revieve’s market-leading skin diagnostics based on the consumer’s selfie are combined with user data and external factors to enable you to advise, educate, and guide your customers on their skincare journey.
Boost conversion, retention, and average order value with automated and personalized skincare products, routines, and treatments.

Grow your network:

We are already partnered with the leading brands, retailers, marketplaces, agencies, social media companies, and e-commerce platforms. We promise exciting projects and inspiring discussions!

Generate extra revenue:

By joining our program, you’ll leverage our revenue share model to make the most out of each project and collaboration with us.

Diversify your offering:

Digitalization in beauty is happening at lightspeed. By partnering with us, you'll be ready to deliver on personalization powered by AI/AR today and even in the Metaverse!

Types of partners we’re after

AI face diagnostics analyzing a woman’s face and providing the results in a visual way

Technology Partners

From skin diagnostics to product recommendations and virtual try-on, Revieve customers are unlocking the value of AI, AR, and computer vision at scale. As a Revieve technology partner, you can leverage our expertise in your existing products and services.

Referral and Resell Partners

We are a trusted partner for more than 150 brands, retailers, agencies, and e-commerce platforms around the globe. Revieve works with various Referral Partners who believe in our mission of transforming how commerce is done across beauty, skin, health, and wellness. We offer a competitive referral commission to qualified partners who refer new paying customers to Revieve.

Featured Integrations

A Selection of Our Delighted Partners

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More than a platform: A true partner. 
Leading the next generation of personalized skincare and commerce

Expert support by your side. Revieve is leading the next generation of personalized health, beauty, and wellness commerce. Revieve experts are available when you need them, and we are ready to take your digital commerce to the next level.
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AI Haircare Advisor Launching Soon

More than a platform: A true partner. 
Leading the next generation of personalized commerce

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