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On November 14th, we embarked on a transformative journey into the heart of beauty innovation with our groundbreaking webinar, “Beauty Beyond Boundaries: The Future of Personalization with Consumer Data and Generative AI.” This event brought together luminaries from the beauty, tech, and retail industries, each offering unique insights into the evolving landscape of beauty retail.

Meet Our Thought Leaders:

Key Discussions and Discoveries:

Technological Alchemy: Transforming Beauty Experiences

The transformative magic of AI, AR, and Gen AI have turned immersive personalized experiences from a luxury into an indispensable element. An astounding 88% of customers now equate the importance of experience with the quality of products and services.

Data as the Architect of Personalized Journeys

The conversation seamlessly transitioned into the pivotal role of data in crafting personalized consumer journeys. Irina Mazur highlighted the intersection of AI and AR, unlocking precious zero- and first-party data that consumers willingly share. This reservoir of data becomes a potent competitive edge, providing beauty brands with insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends.

Revieve’s Collaborative Symphony with Google Cloud

A symphony of collaboration unfolded as we explored Revieve’s recent partnership with Google Cloud. This union aims to elevate personalization capabilities, empowering businesses to unleash the full potential of personalization and data capture through the prowess of Gen AI.

Gen AI, Google, and the Art of Personalization 

During the webinar, Amy Eschliman discusses the importance of personalization in retail. Consumers expect personalized interactions, and personalized content increases the likelihood of repurchase. Amy acknowledges the challenges of delivering personalized experiences across various touchpoints and emphasizes the foundational role of robust first-party data.

She emphasizes the diverse data available to retailers, encompassing product and inventory data, underscoring the importance of analyzing these datasets collectively. She also illustrates generative AI's potential and explores how generative AI can be applied to generate copy for marketing campaigns and product descriptions.

Navigating the Evolution of Beauty Tech with KIKO MILANO

Our journey through the beauty-tech landscape continued with a focus on brands like KIKO MILANO. From virtual try-ons to AI skin diagnostics, the discussion unveiled the innovative ways technology is reshaping the beauty industry. The progression toward personalized Beauty Coach applications and the intriguing possibilities of Virtual Beauty in the metaverse illuminated the horizon of possibilities. 

Charlotte Pats, Head of Customer Experience at Kiko Milano, delves into the brand's digital transformation, emphasizing the integration of technology and AI in its global strategy. The discussion highlights the role of these innovations in shaping personalized shopping experiences, driven by the impact of e-commerce, social media, and mobile platforms.

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