In this case study, we go over the typical challenges our beauty and retail partners come to us with, how our offering is the most complete beauty technology option, and how it has helped them achieve their business goals.

Revieve has been supporting brands and retailers across the globe with delivering personalization across the customer journey and advising them on their omnichannel strategy. Becoming such a close partner to these companies has allowed Revieve to gather insights and expertise on how to deliver the most successful beauty tech implementations in the market.

Delivering A Seamless, Tech-enabled Experience For Customers

For the past years we’ve seen how the consumer and brand experience has evolved from a transactional process focused simply on buying to a model built on deep, enriching relationships at every step of the consumer journey. Alongside this shift in consumer behavior, the pandemic forced brands to experiment with deeper levels of personalization in relation to both product and brand experience in order to engage, educate and guide consumers and ultimately drive sales.

The traditional strategy of O2O f rom the past generation drove customers f rom one channel to another; however, O+O is different. It is more about creating an integrated experience to serve customers’ needs better, enabling them to shop across any channel, anytime, anywhere. — Malina Ngai, Group COO of A.S. Watson Group

The companies that have succeeded in this omnichannel transformation truly understand what customers want and need and how technology is used to provide it. Whether it’s a digital skincare consultation or virtual try-on makeup experience, the ability to use technology to create a custom product or using historical data for smarter recommendations, there’s so much brands and retailers can do to level up in the beauty market, especially considering the unpredictable consumer patterns off-late.

Selecting The Right Beauty Technology Partner

Today, a personalized beauty shopping experience has become table stakes for brands and retailers. And selecting an ideal beauty technology partner to handle the implementation of the solutions you need is a big decision given the stark contrast between beauty technology offerings in the marketplace.

For us, what was important in the partnership with Revieve was that they were truly a partner and will help us develop this tool over time. As we see these emerging trends and how the consumers are using the tool, we can work to evolve it together to bring even more experiences to that consumer. - Rosemarie Holmcomb, VP of Brand & Consumer Engagement, Hydrafacial

While a low price point from a beauty technology provider can be enticing, the upcoming surprises in costs won't give the picture you need to know if your investment has paid off.

That's why Revieve’s end-to-end offering delivers the lowest cost of ownership by helping brands and retailers avoid lengthy implementation processes, expensive single-channel solutions, and continuous integrations.

Continuously Optimizing And Driving Business Results 

Consumers now expect brands to introduce services that ease the shopping and product discovery experience. They want to have more choices and greater convenience delivered across all the channels they're in touch with the brand. This manifests as a host of digital solutions, product recommendations based on data analytics, and a growing beauty market for a brand or retailer.

It’s more important than ever that we provide a personalized brand experience and product offering that enables every customer to shop how they want, because growing brands through relevant product differentiation alone isn’t enough. Today’s consumers don’t just buy products, they buy experiences, they are empowered and expect personalization. - Kiran Sandhu - Global Innovation Manager for Skincare, No7 Beauty Company.

This means that brands and retailers are making steep digital investments in beauty retail by equipping the customer journey with social commerce experiences, AI-powered product recommendations, virtual try-on tools, virtual clienteling, and many more. Thus, making it critical for a business to get a return on their investment.

At Revieve, we measure the success behind all our beauty technology implementations with our 90-day Partnership Programme that helps brands and retailers achieve their business goals with beauty-tech solutions powered by Revieve.

Revieve Has Helped Boost Revenue, Conversions and Transaction Rates Of Its Partners

By working closely with brands and retailers on five continents, Revieve has helped provide an unprecedented level of personalization to their beauty consumers. Beauty brands that have implemented Revieve's market-leading solutions have seen an increase in ​​key business metrics.  

On average, Revieve solutions users are 2-3x more likely to convert as  purchasing customers vs. the traditional way of shopping online. Moreover, these users purchase 25% more on average, and our partners have seen a 3.5x increase in LTV (lifetime customer value) amongst users that engage with our solutions. Notably, those business metrics increase during holiday periods. For example, during the 2021 holiday season, our partner's overall website revenue was 1.3x higher, and conversion rates were 1x higher using Revieve solutions.

Working with individual partners, we've also been able to help them achieve better business goals with the frequent optimization of their solutions and together with Revieve's Partner Success Team and its 90-day Partnership Programme. 

To mention a few, Revieve's partnership with health & beauty giant A.S. Watson Group helped boost conversions, average order value, and time spent on the e-commerce sites for Superdrug and Marionnaud Switzerland retail brands. Superdrug saw its users converted by over 100% while the average order value increased by over 20%. 

In the case of Marionnaud Switzerland, there was a 28.8% increase during Q1 2021 in the average order value amongst those customers that used the Online Skincare Advisor. Another impressive highlight for Marionnaud Switzerland is that users that engaged with the Online Skin  Advisor converted 223% better.

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