Beauty brands and retailers can benefit from the use of AI and AR technologies to create a cohesive customer experience across online and offline channels. This article highlights the effectiveness of personalized experiences and provides practical use cases that can be implemented promptly.

By identifying the optimal mix of online and offline strategies, beauty brands and retailers can reap considerable advantages. Notably, leveraging technologies such as AI and AR can facilitate a seamless customer experience that transcends multiple channels.

At Revieve, we understand that each beauty brand and retailer has a unique offering in the marketplace. That's why we can deliver a suite of tech-powered experiences to achieve specific goals tailored to your needs. In this article, we'll explore use cases of highly effective personalized experiences one can quickly deploy today!

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Consumer Expectations

Beauty brands are embracing  technology to create a seamless and personalized shopping experience that meet consumer expectations. To keep up with consumers' expectations of convenience and accessibility, retailers and beauty brands must adjust their strategies to accommodate the increasing influence of e-commerce, social media, and mobile devices, enabling consumers to shop effortlessly across various platforms and devices..

To achieve significant growth, beauty brands are allocating greater investments toward technology and personalization. This trend is prevalent in categories such as makeup, skincare, haircare, and wellness. By placing emphasis on personalized experiences and adopting an omnichannel approach, beauty brands can effectively fulfill evolving consumer expectations and thrive in a highly competitive market.

Revieve as A Gateway To All Your Business Needs

The Beauty Platform developed by Revieve is designed with adaptability in mind, aiming to cater to the unique needs of every retailer's consumer journey. Revieve platform offers versatile deployment options across multiple channels, including e-commerce sites, mobile apps, in-store devices, smart mirrors, and social media. The experience can be guided by a beauty advisor or  pursued independently by the consumer.

In the next sections, let's examine different approaches and strategies that retailers and brands can employ to optimize their return on investment and accomplish a range of strategic objectives.

Level Up Your Ecommerce Efforts 

Data plays a crucial role in enabling a customer-centric approach. By harnessing customer data, businesses can gain valuable insights into their preferences, behaviors, and needs. This information allows companies to tailor their products, services, and marketing efforts to better meet customer expectations and enhance the overall customer experience. An essential component of this approach involves utilizing customer data to deliver personalized recommendations. 

Continue to create a better product discovery experience:  

Personalized recommendations enhance the overall shopping experience by presenting customers with relevant and tailored product suggestions based on their preferences and behavior. This increases the likelihood of customers discovering products they are genuinely interested in, leading to a more satisfying and efficient shopping journey.

Increase AOV and foster long term customer satisfaction and loyalty: Personalized product recommendations can significantly influence the AOV of customers. By suggesting complementary or higher-value items that align with their preferences and needs, retailers can encourage customers to add more products to their cart and make larger purchases. This strategy not only increases immediate revenue but also fosters long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Create strong emotional connection and engagement: Personalized experiences and content contribute to creating a more personalized and engaging shopping environment. When customers receive curated recommendations that align with their individual tastes and preferences, they feel valued and understood by the brand. This, in turn, fosters a stronger emotional connection, increases customer engagement and conversion, and encourages repeat purchases. Implementing a technology such as Revieve enables you to achieve these outcomes and witness significant improvements.  For instance, data collected from a range of our clients using Revieve's solutions demonstrate a notable 67% increase in onsite conversion rates and a 2.4-fold rise in revenue per user.

Establish trust boosting consumer willingness to share their data: Personalized experiences have the ability to evoke a sense of value, relevance, and trust in consumers. As a result, consumers are more inclined to voluntarily share additional data about themselves. They recognize that by providing more information, they can further enhance the accuracy and relevance of the personalized experiences they receive. This exchange of data becomes a mutually beneficial arrangement where consumers receive more tailored and personalized offerings while businesses gain deeper insights to better understand and cater to their customer's unique needs. Through Revieve's AI Haircare Advisor experience, Living Proof has not only collected over 25 thousand emails in 10 weeks by inviting consumers to share their email before receiving product recommendations but also accumulated valuable zero and first-party data. This data includes insights into customer preferences, likes, dislikes, and concerns, enabling the brand to gain a comprehensive understanding of their target audience.

Discover upsell opportunities and increase repeat visits: By harnessing Revieve’s technology, our partners have witnessed notable improvements in customer retention, product referrals, and repeat purchases. For instance, our client SKIN FIRST® has observed that the AI Skincare Advisor experience is highly engaging for consumers, with a remarkable 34% of users returning after completing the experience. Similarly, Yon-ka has experienced a 1.7 times higher revenue per user among the users who engaged with the Skin Advisor by Revieve. Furthermore, these Skin Advisor users exhibit five times higher engagement levels than their non-engaged counterparts on the website.

Reinventing Your In-Store Experience 

Retailers can bridge the gap between physical stores and the online world, providing a seamless and consistent brand experience across different channels. These integrations  enable consumers to transition effortlessly between in-store and online environments, creating a cohesive and unified shopping journey. Here are three use cases of self-service and assisted tech-powered in-store beauty experiences you can quickly deploy today: 


1. Tablet-powered Beauty Experience

Retailers such as KICKS provide a versatile tablet-powered beauty experience that can be self-service or assisted. This digital beauty experience is available both online and in-store, where customers can engage with a tablet provided by a beauty consultant. During an in-store visit, customers have the option to request the tablet and utilize it for a personalized skin analysis,  virtual product try-ons, and receiving tailored product recommendations.

2. In-store Smart Mirror Beauty Experience

In the previous year, Shiseido unveiled the first Skin Visualizer, a counter device that enables contact-free measurement and visualization of the skin's Beauty Circulation. The Skin Visualizer leverages this to deliver personalized beauty advice and recommend suitable products to consumers 

Within this guided beauty experience, customers are seated alongside a beauty consultant in front of an in-store smart mirror. They are then prompted to answer a series of questions regarding their skin type and proceed to take a selfie. Leveraging artificial intelligence, expert algorithms, and real-time data, including the user's location, the system generates personalized digital skincare recommendations based on the individual's skin metrics. Additionally, an overall skin health score is determined, providing users with comprehensive insights into their skin's well-being.

3. QR Code Powered Mobile Beauty Experience

In this self-service experience, customers can conveniently  engage with beauty experiences such as an Online Skincare Advisor and/or true-to-life AR-powered makeup try-on experiences via an in-store QR code. 

By effortlessly accessing the Online Skincare Advisor through their mobile devices, customers gain instant access to comprehensive guidance, personalized recommendations, and expert insights that empowers them to make more confident purchase decisions during the store visit.

Unlocking Alternative Revenue Streams

In a dynamic retail landscape, Retailers continually seek opportunities to enhance revenue streams while fostering brand loyalty. By integrating beauty tech into their initiatives, retailers  can introduce innovative offerings, tap into alternative revenue streams via retail media network programs, leverage advanced ad media capabilities, optimize promotional placements, and gain valuable data insights. 

  1. Retail Media Network Programs & Advanced Ad Media Capabilities

Through harnessing advanced ad media capabilities and technology-driven experiences, brands can craft highly targeted and meaningful media programs that provide personalized interactions to consumers. This strategy not only boosts sales but also enriches the overall shopping journey for customers. By tailoring content, promotions, and recommendations based on individual preferences and needs, brands can create a more engaging and relevant experience that resonates with consumers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Promotional Placement Across Various Touchpoints

By leveraging beauty tech, brands have the ability to tailor promotions according to consumer preferences and behaviors, resulting in highly personalized experiences that deeply resonate with shoppers. Through strategic placement of promotions and recommendations across the shopper journey, brands can enhance the chances of purchase and elevate brand awareness. Beauty tech empowers brands to optimize their promotional strategies and create targeted marketing initiatives that speak directly to individual consumers, fostering stronger connections and driving favorable outcomes.

  1. In-store events and Experiences 

Retailers can host brand-sponsored in-store events or experiences, such as product launches, demonstrations, or workshops utilizing beauty tech. Brands can pay a fee or provide financial support for these events, which not only generates revenue but also drives foot traffic and customer engagement.

  1. Data Sharing and Insights

Finally, beauty tech can help CPG brands unlock alternative revenue streams by providing unique shopper and brand insights. By analyzing data on consumer behavior, shopping preferences, and purchase history, brands can gain valuable insights into their target audience. This information can then be used to create more effective marketing strategies, develop new products and services, and optimize assortment performance.

Retailers, in turn, can also share consumer data and insights with brands, allowing them to further refine their marketing strategies and product offerings.

Leveraging beauty technology solutions across all channels allows brands and retailers to meet evolving consumer expectations, enhance the shopping experience, and unlock alternative revenue streams. Seamless integration ensures a consistent brand experience across online and offline touchpoints, allowing customers to transition effortlessly between different channels. Moreover, data-driven insights enable brands and retailers to understand their customers better, make informed decisions, and optimize their strategies to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and overall business growth.

If you're looking to unlock the full potential of beauty technology solutions, reach out to us for more information and discover how we can help you thrive in the dynamic beauty industry.