KICKS Skin Analytics, Makeup Advisor and Virtual Try On support consumers in making more informed shopping decisions by delivering personalized beauty recommendations both online and in-store.

Helsinki (November 8th, 2022) - KICKS, the leading cosmetics chain in the Nordic countries, is now offering its customers an even more personal service with the help of new digital experiences. KICKS Skin Analytics helps to analyze skin health and areas of focus across different concerns and deliver personalized product recommendations. Additionally, KICKS launches a Makeup Advisor and Virtual Try-On experiences to help customers try on makeup products virtually before buying. The digital experiences - powered by Revieve, can now be found on

Through these easy-to-use and innovative new digital experiences, KICKS strengthens its position as a beauty industry pioneer while offering its customers more guidance, personal customer service, and, thus, a more personalized shopping experience. KICKS store beauty experts can also use the experiences via in-store iPads to personalize the shopping experience.

As the leading beauty industry player in the Nordic countries, we continuously try new ways to serve our customers better and, at the same time, promote the digital development of the industry. With these new digital experiences, we take another step forward in creating a personalized and guided shopping experience for our customers, regardless of the channel. We believe that our new digital experiences will delight and engage our customers even more, says Freddy Sobin, CEO of KICKS.
KICKS Skin Analytics, Makeup Advisor and Virtual Try Powered by Revieve

KICKS Skin Analytics

With KICKS Skin Analytics, customers can analyze the needs and condition of their skin and find the right products through personalized product recommendations. The artificial intelligence technology analyzes the customer's skin using a selfie and a skin condition questionnaire. In addition, artificial intelligence analyzes several other factors that affect the skin to recommend products, such as the air quality, UV index level, and air humidity of the customer's location. As a result of the skin care analysis, the customer receives personalized product recommendations for their day and night routines. At the same time, the customer can also choose a suitable price level for his personalized product recommendations.

KICKS Makeup Advisor and Virtual Try On

KICKS' Makeup Advisor and Virtual Try On allow customers to try on makeup virtually before purchasing. With AI-powered product recommendations and hyperrealistic AR-try-on, customers can find and buy new products that are the right ones. With the help of this experience, customers can virtually try individual or several products directly on their faces. 

We are delighted to see KICKS taking the lead in creating a personalized customer experience by being the first Nordic operator in the beauty industry to use Revieve's AI/AR-powered beauty platform. Together with KICKS, we want to pave the way for digital change in the beauty industry and offer personalized beauty to customers through new technology, says Sampo Parkkinen, CEO and Founder of Revieve.

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KICKS is the leading Nordic beauty chain whose concept covers makeup, fragrances, skincare, and hair care products. The service at KICKS is personal and inspiring: professional beauticians and makeup artists serve customers in 230 stores in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Brick-and-mortar and online stores are connected seamlessly with a modern omnichannel approach, and the product selection covers approximately 30,000 products from almost 300 brands.

About Revieve

Revieve is the preferred provider to brands and retailers across five continents for delivering a digitally-driven, personalized brand experience leveraging state-of-the-art AI/AR technology. Working with our partners, Revieve has transformed the customer experience for skin care and color cosmetics through its proprietary technology, the Revieve Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform. 

With easy-to-use self-diagnostic modules that personalize search, product discovery, and shopping experiences, Revieve's digital beauty platform delivers consumers targeted products, services, and treatments. Encompassing all facets of the health, beauty, and wellness industry, Revieve's trusted powered-by modules include the AI Skincare Advisor, AI Makeup Advisor, AI Haircare Advisor, AI Suncare Advisor, and AI Nutrition Advisor. The Revieve platform seamlessly integrates personalized shopping solutions and in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors, driving tangible business value by increasing consumer engagement, conversion, and basket size across all digital in-store and online brand touchpoints.

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