SKIN FIRST® increases average order value, engagement, and reached an 116% ROI with a personalized AI skin analysis solution powered by Revieve.

SKIN FIRST® is an Italian functional cosmetic brand specializing in skincare born from the scientific and academic approach of Dr. Maria Pia Priore, who personally takes care of the formulation of the products, researching the best performing substances, for which there is consolidated supporting scientific literature. The result is a range of products dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, nickel tested, and formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

SKIN FIRST® was born in 2018 through Dr. Maria Pia Priore’s advice on skincare and basic cosmetological notions via her Instagram page. Dr. Maria Pia Priore launched SKIN FIRST® in 2019 with an online shop and the Instagram page that reached 108K followers in over a year.

SKIN FIRST® mission is to treat the most common skin conditions with functional ingredients and direct and interactive communication with the SKIN FIRST® community while helping them achieve tangible, consistent, and realistic results.

Delivering a novel and high-end brand experience for SKIN FIRST® customers

With the pandemic onset and shortly after the launch of the young skincare brand, SKIN FIRST® had increased pressure after the sudden change in consumer behavior. SKIN FIRST® considered it crucial to find novel ways to engage existing customers and attract new ones to try out their skincare range.

When the pandemic quickly shifted consumer habits, it was imperative we would be able to offer our customers the same level of experience they would receive from in-store consultants from the comfort of their home, said Dr. Maria Pia Priore, pharmacist, cosmetologist and Founder at SKIN FIRST®. Revieve’s solution does just that, making it easier for our customers to self-select the right products no matter where they are, while also eliminating countless hours spent in-store or forming a regimen based on trial and error.

Revieve helped SKIN FIRST® get closer to its customers by deploying an AI Skincare Advisor Experience

SKIN FIRST® was looking for a technology partner to help set SKIN FIRST® apart from its competitors and deliver a seamless online experience to help its customers personalize their skincare routines. Furthermore, as a skincare brand born out of an engaged online community, it was still about delivering the most value and routine accuracy to each customer when purchasing skincare online.

Revieve became the selected partner to deploy a personalized and digital brand experience based on an offering matching SKIN FIRST® requirements. Revieve’s capabilities in customizing the solution to the brand and feel of Skin First and deploying across all devices in online and offline environments with the best-in-class computer vision technology that detects several skin metrics made Revieve the selected partner.

​​We are thrilled to have partnered with SKIN FIRST® as our technology has further enabled them on their mission to help consumers maintain healthy skin from the comfort of their own home while facilitating positive brand interactions and affinity, said Sampo Parkkinen, CEO and Founder at Revieve

As a result of the collaboration, SKIN FIRST® launched its “Face Decoder,” an AI-driven self-diagnostic solution that utilizes Revieve’s proprietary computer vision technology and mobile skin diagnostics to analyze over 120 skin metrics from a user and several algorithms specifically trained to analyze distinct skincare and beauty-related facial features.

We launched Face Decoder together with our brand new website and our customers were thrilled with that. We got many appreciations and we felt like our community was just waiting for an AI solution like this, as it helps them overcome most of the doubts related to the first purchase. It gives our Customer Care team a great help with the pre-purchase assistance.

To use "Face Decoder" via the SKIN FIRST® website, consumers take a selfie and answer a few questions about their skin type, climate factors of the customer’s location, personal skin concerns (hyperpigmentation, radiance, texture, wrinkles, and others). As a result, the customer is delighted to receive a personal and unique skin care recommendation from the SKIN FIRST® product collection.

The Online Skincare Advisor Experience has delivered a 116% ROI for SKIN FIRST®

As a skincare brand native to social media, SKIN FIRST® has leveraged its online community and made the most of its newly deployed solution by launching exciting campaigns with and for its customers on Instagram.

Already three months after launching Face Decoder, SKIN FIRST® has seen a 16% increase in the average order value per customer. Similarly, the brand has seen how engaging the solution is for consumers, as 34% return after Face Decoder’s previous usage.

Moreover, as a young skincare brand, it’s essential to highlight the ROI behind personalized brand experiences. For instance, SKIN FIRST®, already four months after deployment, has seen a yearly estimated return of investment of 116%, and 18% of their revenue is generated through Face Decoder.