Schwan Cosmetics and Revieve provide brands with personalized beauty customer-experience

Schwan Cosmetics and Revieve, a market-leader in beauty-technology, have announced a partnership to jointly bring a high level of personalization into the beauty customer experience.

Enabling end-consumers to digitally find the beauty products that are just right for their skin type with all its specificities: That is the solution that Schwan Cosmetics and Revieve offers to beauty brands. First, the shopper’s selfie undergoes an extensive real-time analysis, in which the technology analyzes everything from skin radiance and eye colour to pigment variance. Then, an algorithm connects the individual skin profile with product recommendations to find best available skincare and beauty products for the individual.

The combination of Schwan Cosmetics market-leading understanding of cosmetics, colour and texture combined with Revieve’s proprietary skin analysis and virtual try-on capabilities, gives beauty brands the opportunity to experience both high-quality cosmetics products as well as effective digital solutions, which allow them to try the products virtually using true-to-life Augmented Reality.

“By cooperating with Revieve, we offer our brand clients an integrated solution combining best-in-class products, relevant data and innovative omni-channel experience, thus bringing our client offering to the next level. This is an important milestone and, at the same time, an incentive to further drive the digital transformation of the beauty industry and to create solutions that consumers need.” - Bernd Preuschoff, Senior Vice President Digital Transformation at Schwan Cosmetics
“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Schwan Cosmetics. Their immense expertise in colour and texture, their century-long history in beauty as well as their leadership in digital perfectly fits with our vision of the future of beauty.” - Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.

Integration of 12.000 color data

The Revieve technology is enriched by all colour data provided by Schwan Cosmetics Color Visualizer. The Color Visualizer is the latest innovation of Schwan Cosmetics Digital Studio. This unique browser app enables a high-resolution visualization of the 12.000 current colours provided by Schwan Cosmetics under different lighting conditions and is available worldwide. The selected colours can be used for e-commerce colour visualization and can be integrated into Apps for skin analysis (like Revieve) to evaluate the best colour match for the user.

About Revieve:

Revieve is a venture-funded, leading beauty-technology company headquartered in Helsinki,Finland working with 70+ retailers and beauty brands across four continents in helping to bring the in-store beauty consultant to the digital era. Revieve’s white-labelled product suite of DigitalBeauty Advisor products works directly across all digital channels where retailers and brands engage beauty-shoppers, including digital in-store, e-commerce, on FB Messenger and WeChat.

About Schwan Cosmetics:

Schwan Cosmetics is the global market leader in the development and production of cosmetic pencils. 3,000 employees at nine production facilities worldwide contribute to the company’s economic success. The global employer has its headquarters in Heroldsberg near Nuremberg inGermany and is represented in eight countries with nine subsidiaries. Schwan Cosmetics is a member of the internationally active Schwan-STABILO Group.


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