Super-Pharm's successful and seamless integration of a range of Revieve's solutions, including the Skincare Advisor, Makeup Advisor, and Artist Makeup Virtual Try-on, both on their mobile app and in-store experience, has yielded superior results. The deployment has significantly enhanced user engagement, increased marketing ROI, and consumer confidence. Furthermore, Revieve’s platform opened up new avenues for monetization and facilitated the collection of valuable zero-party and first-party consumer data.

Summary of the solution

The following Solutions Powered by the Revieve Platform have been deployed

  • Skincare Advisor on Super-Pharm e-commerce site
  • Makeup Advisor on Super-Pharm e-commerce site
  • Makeup Artist - Product Page (PDP) Virtual Try-on on Super-Pharm e-commerce site 
  • Makeup Artist - Product Page (PDP) Virtual Try-on the Super-Pharm mobile app and in-store experience

The following are the results:

  • Onsite conversion uplift with Skincare Advisor +179% (July - December 2022)
  • 2.2x better conversion in branded paid search 
  • Onsite conversion uplift with Makeup Advisor +232% (in the first month)
  • PDP Virtual Makeup Try-on: +280K try-ons in first 3 months
  • PDP Virtual Makeup Try-on: +275% conversion uplift (January - June 2023)
  • 100%-120% uplift in conversion rates and 9% uplift in basket size with customers who used the Virtual Try-on vs makeup customers who didn't use the Virtual Try-on
  • + 93 000 users engaged with the PDP VTO (January - June 2023)
  • +662 000 virtual try ons (January - June 2023)
  • +258,000 unique points of data per month
  • +3 million points of data annually

Redefining Retail Excellence in Israel

Founded in 1978, Super-Pharm has established itself as the foremost drugstore chain in Israel, boasting an extensive network of over 290 stores and a dedicated team of more than 5,000 employees. Setting a new benchmark in retail, Super-Pharm introduced an innovative concept that seamlessly merges pharmacy, cosmetics, personal care, and optics departments into a single destination, providing consumers with a comprehensive 4-in-1 shopping experience. Committed to delivering unparalleled professionalism, exceptional service, a diverse product range, and enticing promotions, Super-Pharm continuously strives to meet the evolving needs of its clientele while maintaining its status as a leader in the industry.

Super-Pharm's pursuit of excellence is driven by its unwavering belief in the necessity of offering consumers seamless  services and products. Recognized as the top retailer in the country in 2022, Super-Pharm's consistent success is further exemplified by its thriving online presence. With a staggering 3 million unique visitors per month on their e-commerce platform and 500,000 unique visitors per month on their mobile app in 2021, the brand has effectively extended its reach and maintained a strong connection with its tech-savvy customer base.

Super-Pharm's Journey to Omnichannel Experiences

Super-Pharm embarked on a transformation journey to enhance and cultivate relationship-building consumer experiences, across both their online and in-store channels. Their mission was clear: to create seamless, delightful, and personalized interactions for every consumer. Recognizing the ever-growing beauty and wellness product range at Super-Pharm, it became imperative to streamline and enhance the online product discovery process. This involved the ability to tailor it to meet unique needs and preferences of each consumer, ensuring personalized assortment discoverability and relevance of the choices presented. 

"The main challenge for us online is to bring the customer experience, that is well known in the stores, onto a website where there are no beauty assistants. Also, online there is a much larger variety of products, so product discovery for the customers is a challenge," says Michael Mitrani,  VP of E-commerce and Marketing at Super-Pharm.

Super-Pharm went beyond creating consistent and convenient beauty experiences across all channels by prioritizing consumer education, fostering deep emotional connection and building consumer confidence and trust. By leveraging Revieve Platform technology, Super-Pharm was able to offer AI-powered skin and face analysis services that provide consumers with a better understanding of their needs, concerns, skin metrics, areas of focus and understanding of their facial features. This empowers consumers to make personalized purchasing decisions, instilling a sense of assurance and elevating overall shopping experience.

Additionally, Super-Pharm recognized the paramount importance of obtaining zero- and first-party consumer data to develop a comprehensive understanding of their consumers.

"By leveraging the insights gained from this data, our aim is to personalize the broader e-commerce journey and enrich the mobile app experience. Through understanding consumer preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior, we have the ability to customize a broad range of business decisions ranging from product recommendations, promotions, individualized offers, to assortment selection, outreach and monetization strategies, ultimately nurturing consumer loyalty and establishing differentiating position in the market, " says Michael Mitrani.

A Perfect Match for Innovative and Immersive Customer Experiences

Super-Pharm had clarity on the transformative power of personalized experiences in the beauty, health, and wellness categories. They realized the need for a partner who could provide an innovative, and scalable solution to bring their vision to life. After evaluating various products/solutions, Super-Pharm partnered with Revieve to embark on their transformation journey.

Revieve's platform offered a comprehensive and end-to-end solution to Super-Pharm which accelerated their goal of bringing seamless relationship-building personalized experiences to consumers while improving operational efficiency. Revieve’s enterprise platform, including its leading mobile skin diagnostics, advanced AI product recommendation engine, and true to live virtual try-on capabilities for makeup, aligned with Super-Pharm's vision of delivering innovative and immersive experiences to their consumers.

One of the key factors that attracted Super-Pharm to Revieve was its extensive product database and product data enrichment service, along with an ability to provide one-to-one digital commerce personalization at scale. 

“Creating an enriched catalog that is needed for skin and makeup bots is a challenge, especially as we didn't necessarily have all the data from our suppliers. The fact that Revieve maintains an updated and enriched catalog in these categories made the choice much easier for us, ” says Michael Mitrani, VP of E-commerce and Marketing at Super-Pharm.

From Skincare to Makeup: Super-Pharm's Digital Transformation 

In order to unlock a comprehensive beauty retail experience, Super-Pharm integrated a range of capabilities. These solutions were implemented to elevate consumer engagement, build loyalty, and deliver personalized interactions across the consumer journey. The following phases outline the key implementations and their impact:

Phase 1: Skincare Advisor (on Super-Pharm e-commerce site)

Super-Pharm introduced a digital Skincare Advisor powered by Revieve on their e-commerce site. This interactive solution empowered consumers with personalized education and skincare routines tailored to their individual skin metrics, goals, areas of focus and other needs.

Phase 2: Makeup Advisor (on Super-Pharm e-commerce site)

Building upon the success of the Skincare Advisor, Super-Pharm expanded their offerings with the implementation of a Makeup Advisor on their e-commerce site. This rollout enhanced the personalized shopping experience by providing tailored makeup recommendations based on individual preferences and characteristics.

Phase 3: Artist - PDP Virtual Try-on (on Super-Pharm e-commerce site)

To enable consumers to discover personalized makeup product recommendations directly on the Product Detail Pages (PDP), Super-Pharm introduced Revieve’s Artist solution. This implementation allowed consumers to engage in an interactive and inspiring makeup virtual try-on experience, enhancing their decision-making process and increasing product satisfaction.

Phase 4: Makeup Virtual Try-on on the mobile app and in-store experience

Super-Pharm extended their personalized makeup virtual try-on experience beyond the e-commerce site, by integrating the digital experience into their successful mobile app. Additionally, in an effort to drive in-store traffic and provide an immersive in-store experience, consumers were encouraged to utilize the virtual try-on feature by scanning makeup products using the Super-Pharm app.

“Using and enabling Revieve's tools to our customers, online and offline, easily enhances our customers experience, strengthening their loyalty to our brand and most importantly, allows our customers to more easily make purchase decisions,” says Michael Mitrani.

Enhancing The Omnichannel Experience, Building Consumer Trust, and Driving Business Impact Through The Consumer Journey

The partnership between Super-Pharm and Revieve has yielded remarkable outcomes, showcasing the impact of the enterprise platform solutions. Super-Pharm has found new ways to serve their consumers better through significant improvements in key areas, like onsite conversion, consumer satisfaction, engagement levels, loyalty and the creation of a seamless omnichannel journey. Moreover, the solutions have unlocked valuable data insights, enabling Super-Pharm to make data-driven decisions and further personalize the omnichannel consumer experience:

Delivering a superior online skincare experience: From July through December 2022, the implementation of the Skincare Advisor resulted in an onsite conversion uplift of +179% compared to other website traffic. The increase indicates that the new online experience has resonated with consumers, instilling greater confidence in their online purchases. Additionally, the branded paid search witnessed a 2.2x improvement in conversion rate, highlighting the solution's ability to drive higher marketing return on investment.

Boosting makeup purchases: The Makeup Advisor implementation achieved strong results, with an onsite conversion uplift of +232%. This significant increase demonstrates that beauty enthusiasts feel more assured when buying makeup online, thanks to the personalized recommendations provided by Revieve. 

Captivating virtual try-on experience: The introduction of the PDP Virtual Makeup Try-on feature garnered +280,000 try-ons within the first three months. This uptick in engagement level highlights the solution's ability to captivate consumers and encourage them to interact with the virtual try-on experiences.

Empowering a seamless omnichannel experience: By implementing the new in-store mobile experience, Super-Pharm successfully created a true omnichannel experience for their consumers. This seamless integration enables consumers to transition effortlessly between online and offline channels, enriching their overall shopping journey.

Gaining Valuable Data Insights: Additionally, the implementation of these solutions has unlocked a wealth of valuable data that Super-Pharm can effortlessly integrate into their marketing and data systems. Each month, they are able to gather a significant 258,000 points of data, encompassing information from various sources such as customer responses to quizzes, selfie diagnostics metrics, and product try-ons. As a result, their annual data collection reaches an impressive milestone, accumulating over 3 million points of data each year. This enables them to leverage data-driven insights in decision-making processes and further create deeper connections with their consumers across channels. 

By harnessing the capabilities of these transformative experiences, Super-Pharm has pioneered a revolutionary shift in the beauty shopping landscape, positioning itself as an industry trendsetter in the beauty retail sector. This paradigm shift has fundamentally redefined the way consumers interact with skincare and makeup products online, delivering interactive and immersive encounters that empower individuals with a newfound sense of confidence and fulfillment.

“After a few years of partnership, and our constant strive for innovation at Super-Pharm, we'll surely continue to collaborate and introduce new tools to our customers as Revieve keeps creating fantastic solutions,” says Michael Mitrani.