Revieve® and Super-Pharm's transformative partnership has reshaped the retail landscape, offering immersive personalized beauty experiences. Super-Pharm harnessed Revieve's innovative solutions to elevate user engagement, boost sales, and maximize marketing ROI. This collaboration also unlocked valuable consumer data, accumulating over 3 million data points annually, driving data-driven decision-making and personalized customer journeys.

Helsinki, Finland (September 21th, 2023) – Revieve®, a personalized digital brand experience company working with global brands, retailers, and digital service providers in the beauty, skin, health and wellness categories, today announced a significant milestone achieved through its partnership with Super-Pharm, the leading pharmacy and beauty retailer in Israel. By harnessing Revieve's Enterprise Beauty Platform, Super-Pharm has successfully boosted sales, enriched user engagement, and maximized marketing return on investment (ROI), while unlocking new opportunities for monetization and invaluable zero-party and first-party consumer data acquisition across both their mobile app and in-store experience.

As Israel's foremost drugstore chain with over 290 stores and a strong online presence, Super-Pharm set out to redefine retail excellence by delivering immersive and personalized beauty experiences to their discerning customers. Recognizing the power of personalized consumer interactions, Super-Pharm turned to Revieve's cutting-edge solutions to enhance their online and in-store experiences. Through seamless integration and data-driven insights, Super-Pharm has witnessed remarkable results, revolutionizing their business landscape and propelling them toward sustainable success. The following phases outline the key implementations and their impact:

Phase 1: Skincare Advisor (on Super-Pharm e-commerce site)

Super-Pharm introduced the Skincare Advisor, powered by Revieve, on their e-commerce site. This interactive solution empowered consumers with personalized skincare routines tailored to their unique needs and skin goals. The results were astounding, with an onsite conversion uplift of +179% from July to December 2022 and a 2.2x improvement in conversion rate in branded paid search.

Phase 2: Makeup Advisor (on Super-Pharm e-commerce site)

Building upon the success of Revieve’s Skincare Advisor, Super-Pharm launched the Makeup Advisor, further enhancing the shopping experience with tailored makeup recommendations. The onsite conversion uplift achieved an impressive +232%, indicating that consumers felt more assured in their makeup purchases.

Phase 3: Artist - PDP Virtual Try-on (on Super-Pharm e-commerce site)

Super-Pharm integrated Revieve's Artist solution, offering consumers an inspiring makeup virtual try-on experience directly on the Product Detail Pages (PDP). The virtual try-on feature garnered over 280,000 try-ons within the first three months, capturing consumer interest and engagement.

Phase 4: Makeup Virtual Try-on (on the mobile app and in-store experience)

Super-Pharm extended the personalized makeup virtual try-on experience to their mobile app, ensuring a seamless omnichannel journey for consumers. Additionally, in-store visitors were invited to try the virtual makeup experience by scanning products using the Super-Pharm app.

The partnership between Super Pharm and Revieve not only enhances and elevated consumer engagement experiences but also facilitated the acquisition of invaluable zero- and first-party data. . Each month, Super-Pharm gains more than  260,000 points of data, accumulating over 3 million data points annually. These insights empower data-driven decision-making, allowing Super-Pharm to personalize e-commerce journeys, optimize marketing strategies, and nurture consumer loyalty.

"Our priority has always been to create a seamless omnichannel experience for our consumers, recognizing the importance of integrating online and offline channels”, says Michael Mitrani,  VP of E-commerce and Marketing at Super-Pharm. We aim to create a harmonious convergence between the digital and physical realms, enabling consumers to effortlessly navigate between the two."

Revieve's Comprehensive and End-To-End Platform aligns perfectly with Super-Pharm's vision for delivering innovative and immersive experiences. The partnership with Revieve allowed Super-Pharm to leverage  enriched product data services, enhancing the overall shopping experience and increasing consumer trust.

"We are thrilled to partner with Super-Pharm in their transformative journey towards personalized beauty experiences,” said Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve®. “Our Enterprise Beauty Platform’s advanced capabilities have not only driven growth in sales and consumer engagement but also empowered Super-Pharm with valuable data insights for data-driven decision-making." 

The full case study is available to read here:

About Super-Pharm 

Super-Pharm was founded in 1978, and today is the leading pharmacy and beauty retailer in Israel with 290 branches across the country (operated by franchisees), 80 branches in Poland and an eCommerce website. Super-Pharm also owns the eyewear chain Erroca, with over 60 branches.

About Revieve 

Revieve is the preferred provider to beauty brands and retailers for delivering a digitally-driven, personalized brand experience leveraging its enterprise-grade beauty and wellness technology platform cross-category, cross-channel, and throughout the customer journey. 

With easy-to-use self-diagnostic and coaching solutions that personalize search, product discovery, and shopping experiences, Revieve's digital beauty and wellness technology platform delivers consumers targeted products, services, and treatments that enhance the customer-brand relationship and drive loyalty. 

Revieve's platform also seamlessly integrates personalized shopping solutions and in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors, driving tangible business value by increasing consumer engagement, conversion, and basket size across all digital in-store and online brand touchpoints.

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