Revieve's partner stories highlight the history and uniqueness behind the name from all brands in our Partner Network. This story highlights BABOR - what makes their brand philosophy unlike any other, while we shortly introduce the brands' journey with personalized brand experiences in beauty and wellness.

The Art of Precision Skincare

BABOR provides next-generation, high-performance skincare products and tailor-made treatments designed to deliver maximum individual results. Therefore, every product from the idea to the finished jar represents a promise of quality and stands for science, precision, and effect.

Individually tailored skincare aimed at improving skin health is the goal of Dr. BABOR GmbH & Co. KG, the leading professional skincare brand in Germany and the most prominent independent family-owned company in the global spa industry. With its precision formulations, BABOR skincare products are both highly effective and widely tolerated.

“At BABOR, the balance of performance and security is immovably integrated into the DNA. After all, we stand for quality made in Germany” – Michael Schummert CEO Babor.

Making The Precision More Accessible Than Ever Before

BABOR has always been customers’ best choice due to its more profound understanding of customers’ skin needs, allowing their products to take precise action. Even before the pandemic hit, the brand had anticipated the changing consumer behavior and upcoming consumer needs. They could foresee the growing demand for tailored, personalized high-tech devices and a need to serve its customers from anywhere, anytime.

“The beauty market has evolved from products that have a mere cover-up effect to products and devices that can change your skin. Where professional salons lead, the home treatment market always follows. Our pioneering approach will ensure that we are ahead of the curve in this exciting new market,” said Michael Schummert, CEO of BABOR

The pandemic accelerated the need for the brand to discover new possibilities on how to bring true-to-life experience with expert feedback and recommendations swiftly and confidently. As a result, the brand was challenged to answer the demand by offering high-standard digital guidance and realistic experience - uniting both a digital innovation and BABOR skincare expertise - to help their customers develop their full beauty potential. 

BABOR was hoping the new technology will encourage accessibility and inclusivity in the skincare industry, ensuring the highest level of consumer safety and making it easier for consumers to find the right solution for their skin concerns across channels.

Delivering a Unified and Personalized Brand Experience

BABOR decided to take precise action, supporting its legendary products with high-tech solutions and devices. However, the challenge was finding a beauty technology partner to work with; who had the same passion for precise beauty as BABOR.

BABOR was looking for a partner that empowers consumers through its brand, combining cutting-edge technology with its promise "of quality that stands for science, precision, and effect." 

Revieve was chosen as a trusted partner to work with BABOR's team to implement Revieve's market-leading self-diagnostic digital skincare solution, the AI Skincare Advisor. The solution leverages Revieve's market-leading selfie skin diagnostics.

"As a leader in the global beauty industry, we are always looking for ways to create an innovative experience for our customers, says Andreas Wolf, Director of Business Development at BABOR. "We look forward to working with Revieve as their technology will make it easy for our customers to get a personalized skincare experience both online and in our concept stores."

The brand can now offer a professional skin analysis tailoring the BABOR precision formulas to their customers' personal requirements, making an exclusive pleasure accessible for everyone. 

With Revieve's Digital Skincare Advisor, an AI-powered self-diagnostic solution that analyzes a user's skin and provides personalized recommendations, BABOR customers can discover and gain expert skincare product recommendations from BABOR's skincare products from the comfort of their home.

Today, BABOR is now able to educate its customers on their skin issues and curate customized product discovery through AI, positioning BABOR as the primary key destination for skincare purchases.