With consumers becoming increasingly invested in overall wellbeing and hair health, it appears the haircare segment is finally settling into its moment. Previously haircare was mainly sold as low-end products in drugstores or as high-end products in salons through hair professionals.

Today, the haircare market is way more diverse, open, and global. Consumers became better informed and connected and now expect increased convenience, simplicity, and knowledge. As a result, they expect brands to create experiences tailored to their individual stories and needs and want to communicate in the best way for them, whether by phone, email, social networks, or chat apps.

Despite new brands and products entering the market daily, providing consumers with more innovations, educational opportunities, and options to choose from, consumers are still not happy with their hair as they can't readily find the products that would work for them. A recent study pointed out that 68% of consumers are dissatisfied with their hair and 57% of respondents believe that hair products don't work as described. The process of finding a haircare routine can seem a little daunting, especially when there are numerous options for people with the same hair type and simply not enough information concerning their hair.

Sampo Parkkinen, Revieve's CEO and Founder, adds: "this dissatisfaction represents both a challenge and an opportunity for brands looking to provide their audience with the five-star haircare experience. While many modern brands like Olaplex have experienced a rapid rise in sales, great products are no longer enough to turn the average unfulfilled consumer into a loyal fan for life."

This becomes a cumbersome pain point for retailers and brands – the difficulty of providing their audience with the relevant education, product information, and personalization through the entire haircare customer journey.

Streamlining Consumers' Haircare Products Discovery and Maximizing Performance

The main reason so many leading color cosmetics and haircare brands do not have a more comprehensive portfolio to suit all skin tones and hair types ultimately come down to data and information. Implementing an AI-powered solution has thus become crucial in bridging the gap between brands and the consumers, ensuring brands are prescribing them the correct remedy for their hair type.

Haircare quizzes were just the beginning to engage audiences over the past years. However, haircare brands are now moving beyond that and instead are focusing on an integrated approach that combines AI, AR, and zero- and first-party data - a move that can become the winning strategy for brands and retailers willing to provide the 6-star haircare experience today.

This is why Revieve recently launched the AI Haircare Advisor, co-developed with Unilever's Living Proof, to support brands and retailers in delivering a personalized haircare experience for their customers.  

"Even though there are so many new products, innovations, and education, consumers are still not happy with their hair, and they can't find the products that would work best for them," said Joonas Hamunen, VP of Product, Revieve. "Through our AI Haircare Advisor, brands and retailers can support consumers in learning more about their hair condition so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions and optimize their haircare routines through time"

Helping Consumers Care for Their Hair in the Most Personalized Way

Revieve's AI Haircare Advisor empowers customers to understand, embrace, love, and care for their hair by helping them find what they are looking for with patented mobile selfie diagnostics technology for hair, user input, and AI-powered personalized recommendations --all within the same interactive experience.

“With technology like Revieve's Haircare Advisor, it's now possible to provide an accurate hair analysis from the individual characteristics of consumers, ranging from the hair type to texture and other important factors, ” says Sampo Parkkinen, SEO & Founder of Revieve. Thus, ensuring tailored and relevant interactions between the customer and the brand, which deepens engagement throughout the customer journey with unique first-party data and insights.

Moreover, based on Revieve's patented mobile selfie diagnostics technology for hair and user input, Revieve helps gather essential information about customers to make the correct product recommendations while boosting customer retention and increasing AOV and conversion rates.

The personalized product recommendations and ingredient transparency also enable consumers to make educated purchases and become more conscious of their impact on the environment by maximizing the product value and reducing overconsumption.

"As a science first brand, we partnered with Revieve so that together we could bring a scientific approach to analyzing hair and deliver a precise hair care routine to our customers. We look forward to launching this advisor experience powered by Revieve to advance our mission in changing people's lives through products and experiences that deliver actionable results '' – John Winer, Vice President of Digital, Living Proof.

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