Revieve's partner stories highlight the history and uniqueness behind the name from all brands in our Partner Network. This story highlights Garancia, a leading French derma-cosmetic brand, offering a range of 38 premium facial and body skincare products with a touch of magic.

Crafting Effective Beauty Potions to Consumers

Founded in 2004 by pharmacist Savéria Coste, Garancia is a leading French derma-cosmetic brand with a strong positioning between natural and science, offering a range of 38 premium facial and body skincare products with a touch of magic. 

Born from the principle that “beauty is inseparable from pleasure,” the revolutionary skincare brand pushes the boundaries of what’s possible – delivering powerful and life-changing products backed by years of science and research. 

“Since I created Garancia, I have always paid particular attention to product formulation, and I have striven to maintain a disruptive, innovation-driven approach within the company. Based on the combination of nature and science, my formulas are clean, sensory, and so effective that our consumers think they are magical!” 

Rethinking the Digital Brand Experience Journey

Because of the brand's appetite for miraculous skincare products, the innovation keeps coming, thus helping Garancia strive and challenge the status quo in the market. Recent market developments and changing consumer behavior, made Garancia rethink how they engage and connect with their customers. 

That led them to search for a beauty technology partner to implement alternative forms of engagement to their digital brand experience to make it more immersive, interactive, and personalized. 

“When it comes to beauty and skincare, we have always taken an innovative and forward-thinking approach,” says Anne-Claire, Marketing Manager at Garancia.

Delivering an Immersive and Personalized Brand Experience

Garancia selected Revieve as its digital brand experience partner in beauty. In partnership with Revieve, Garancia implemented Revieve's market-leading self-diagnostic digital skincare solution to offer its customers a powerful and exclusive online experience. 

"We partnered with Revieve as their technology delivers an AI-driven, personalized skincare experience in an easy-to-use manner. Garancia is continuing its efforts with Revieve for a unified view of the beauty industry today." 

Behind the experience sits Revieve's AI Skincare Advisor, an AI-powered self-diagnostic solution that analyzes a user's skin and provides personalized product recommendations in real-time.

The personalization process is triggered by an online skincare quiz with the optional use of Revieve's selfie scanning technology. The algorithms powering the experience analyze personal skin conditions and environmental factors, such as location and humidity pollution. The user is then provided an in-depth analysis from their selfie and offered personalized product recommendations from Garancia product selection and their unique attributes suited to specific skin concerns and types. 

Garancia's personalized digital skincare analysis is now available on