Revieve's partner stories highlight the history and uniqueness behind the name from all brands in our Partner Network. This story highlights how Yon-Ka, a family-owned brand from France that specializes in personalized aroma-therapeutic care, augments its in-depth skincare expertise with AI technology.

A New Form of Holistic Beauty With a French Twist 

Created over 67 years ago, Yon-Ka is a French-family skincare brand  that specializes in personalized aroma-therapeutic care, providing results comparable to medspa brands. The story began in 1954 with the Muhlethaler family aiming to create rich botanical oils in Paris, France. Later their passion led them to create a line of products that mix the best of two worlds: rich aromatherapy and skincare technologies, to create one of the world's famous phyto-aromatic products. 

The brand is committed to optimum skin health, sharing a new form of holistic beauty "that respects the body and mind, as well as nature, its resources and the living beings that fill it." The brand’s product combines the most critical elements of plants: revitalizing essential oils filled with energy from the sun and complementary active ingredients (vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides, and trace elements). This powerful combination gently, accurately, and effectively meets the needs of the consumers' most challenging and demanding skin. 

"We create essential experiences that strengthen each person's balance and vital energy using effective, personalized phyto-aromatic products that don't aggravate skin," said Amal Amgaad, Head of Communications at Yon-Ka Paris USA.

Adding The Final Touch To Forge Even Stronger Bonds With Consumers

As a leader in organic and result-driven skincare brands, Yon-Ka has always been creating authentic connections with consumers that make them feel like valued individuals. The brands desire to deliver consumers a precise and on-demand solution to the most challenging skin care needs led Yon-Ka to explore innovative ways to provide a personalized brand experience anytime.  

Virtual try-on and the use of AI had been on their radar for some time, as Yon-Ka is always willing to be one step ahead by exploring and finding new ways to simplify consumers' routines and surpass their expectations. 

 "During the pandemic, beauty lovers were especially interested in leveraging their wellness routine and expanding their spa at-home experience. This led us to search for a technology partner with the expertise and capabilities that can help us create a more inclusive environment, " says Amal Amgaad.

Delivering An Intimate and Memorable Brand Experience with AI Skincare Technology 

Revieve was selected as a trusted partner in helping Yon-Ka augment in-depth skincare expertise with AI technology. The brand implemented Revieve's market-leading self-diagnostic digital skincare solution, the online "Skin Advisor."  

"Revieve is the ideal match for us because of its deep understanding of innovative technology and the insights it provides. We are thrilled to partner with Revieve to offer our customers the autonomy to access reliable personalized solutions for their skin wherever they are," said Amal Amgaad, Head of Communications at Yon-Ka Paris USA.

The experience was launched in August last year. Behind the experience sits Revieve's AI Skincare Advisor, an AI-powered self-diagnostic solution that analyzes a user's skin and provides personalized product recommendations in real-time. The experience launches with a questionnaire that diagnoses customers' personal skin needs, preferences, and lifestyle concerns. The AI Skincare Advisor analyzes skin more than 120 skin metrics to provide users with an in-depth analysis of their skin and offers Yon-ka product recommendations and skincare advice tailored to their most demanding skin needs.

As of today, all Yon-Ka's customers in the US can utilize the revolutionary experience provided by Yon-Ka across desktop and mobile devices on all browsers.

"Our new personalized service and product offering prove that technology, data, and science can address the niche needs of a diverse population, helping them find suitable wellness and skincare routines. We are proud to lead by example, ensuring everyone gets personal and reliable advice available wherever they are. We've already seen how this experience resonates with our consumers, as the solution is driving great results," she added.