Join Dean DeBiase and best-selling author and EVP/CMO at Franklin Covey, Scott Miller, as they unpack Scott’s latest book, Management Mess to Leadership Success, and explore leadership challenges like creating an actionable vision, leading difficult conversations, inspiring trust, actively listening, putting the right people in the right roles, getting the right results—the right way... and how you can become a leader people will follow.

I have been a fan of Dr. Stephen Covey for years. He was renowned for his research on leadership culminating in a best seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the founding of Franklin Covey, a top-tier leadership development firm run by remarkable people. Even though the principles are timeless regardless of company, industry, or culture and provide great direction for leadership striving to be effective, they have continued to Reboot 7 Habits into tools that every generation can use.

Especially in 2020, when leaders need their teams to follow them into the unknown, to combat challenges and enact change. Franklin Covey provides the guidance necessary, based on decades of research, to allow leaders to thrive. Their approach focuses on executing what problems can be solved by changing mindsets and behavior...and they walk the talk.

I took a look under the hood with one of Franklin Covey's most positive and compassionate leaders, best-selling author and head of Thought Leadership Programs, Scott Miller. Listen in as we unpack his latest book, Management Mess to Leadership Success, and other books, to explore key leadership challenges that most all of us are faced with in the messy spaces between our professional and personal roles.

Scott's top 30 leadership challenges cover a lot of ground, from creating an actionable vision, leading difficult conversations and inspiring trust -to- actively listening, putting right people in the right roles, getting right results the right way ... and how can you become a leader people will follow.

The Pitfalls of “Talking Too Straight”: Leading difficult conversations is very important but while senior leaders have no shortage of confidence, this oftentimes leads to a lack diplomacy. At Franklin Covey this is called a lack of consideration. Scott finds that vulnerability can be a leadership competency as opposed to a weakness. It’s very easy to damage someone’s self-worth if a leader is too harsh and there is a way to have a difficult conversation while leaving someone better off than before. This, of course, must be balanced otherwise the message may not be clear.

The Importance of Listening: Listening is often an undervalued skill. Scott points out, “most of us listen with an intent to respond, not with the intent to understand.” While a leader likely gained success through efficiency, this is not the best approach when it comes to relationships. When he told me, as opposed to focusing on efficiency, leaders should focus on the effectiveness of their relationships ... I thought he was giving me personal feedback! Truly listening to your people will help you get there.

“most of us listen with intent to respond, not intent to understand.”

The Power of Trust: Large institutions, or as i call them BFS's, are notoriously reluctant to implement change, but Scott advises leaders to rely on trust in the face of those challenges. Stephen M. R. Covey, Dr. Covey’s eldest son, authored The Speed of Trust on this same issue. “Nothing is faster than the speed of trust!” says Scott, “When you have a culture that is rooted in transparency, rooted in high trust behaviors, where you declare your intent… nothing is faster than building high-trust & high-transparency. When you trust someone, the speed at which you can get work done is remarkable.” He contrasts that with environments many of you have experienced, mistrusting cultures riddled with reliance on email paper trails and BCCing assistants or HR. Modeling the 13 behaviors of high trust leaders can move things exponentially, I recommend you check it out!

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Named a “Growth Guru” by Inc. Magazine, Dean DeBiase is a Faculty Member at Kellogg School of Management and Silicon Valley serial CEO, where he has served in chief executive and chairman roles of more than a dozen emerging growth companies, CEO of Fortune 500 subsidiaries, and a director on public, private, family-enterprise, CVC, PE and VC boards.

He is a Forbes and Fortune Magazine Contributor, a Technology Fellow at Northwestern University, a Board Leadership Fellow at The National Association of Corporate Directors and an Advisor to the National Science Foundation. A co-author of the best-selling book The Big Moo, Dean is working on his next book Dancing with Startups, and is Host of The Reboot Chronicles, a popular no-holds-barred podcast on iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube that has been bringing together CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors and global leaders, for over a decade, to discuss how organizations are rebooting Growth, Innovation, Talent, Technology, Culture and Governance in unprecedented times. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts or at

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