The Reboot Chronicles

Join Dean DeBiase Host of  The Reboot Chronicles, a popular no-holds-barred podcast on iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube that has been bringing together CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors and global leaders, for over a decade, to discuss how organizations are rebooting their leadership-competitiveness of everything from growth, innovation and technology to talent, culture and governance.

Recently named a “Growth Guru” by Inc. Magazine, Dean is a Faculty Member at Kellogg School of Management and Silicon Valley serial CEO, where he has served in chief executive and chairman roles of more than a dozen emerging growth companies, CEO of Fortune 500 subsidiaries, and a director on public, private, family-enterprise, CVC, PE and VC boards. He is a Board Leadership Fellow at The National Association of Corporate Directors, a Technology Fellow at Northwestern University, an  Advisor to the National Science Foundation, a best-selling author and Contributor at Forbes.

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“Some podcasts rise above others in their reach and their host’s stature. The Reboot Chronicles is one of those…take a listen. Honored to be a guest in the company of some amazing interviews.”

scott miller
Thought Leadership EVP at FranklinCovey and On Leadership Podcast Host

“One of the most thoughtful shows out there, Reboot Chronicles is my go to business podcast with perspectives you can use now.  Dean DeBiase’s no-holds-barred format uncovers what global leaders are struggling with, and delivers firsthand stories on how they are rebooting everything from growth to governance…and sometimes even themselves!”

Sonny Garg
Member - Executive Committee, Exelon
Upcoming Episodes
The Reboot Chronicles Episode 149    
Author of "Make America Healthy Again" - Nicole Saphier

How to Make America Healthy Again?

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 150   
SVP Customer Product of Walmart - Tom Ward

Walmart's Digital Makeover

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 151   
Deputy Director for the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation of NASA - Steve Rader

Boosting Tech and Innovation with NASA

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 152
General Partner of Henkel dx Ventures - Marius Swart

Henkel Dx: A Brand-New Chapter

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 153
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Accenture - Amy Fuller

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 154
CEO at Dermalogica - Aurelian Lis

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 155
CEO at Adore Beauty - Tennealle O'Shannessy

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 156
Managing Director at Founders Factory - Isabela Chick

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 157
CMO & EVP Digital Studios MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, TV Land, VH1, PopTV, CMT at Smithsonian Channel - Jacqueline Parkes

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 143
Vice President and General Manager at The Clorox Company - Jackson Jeyanayagam

Shaping the Future with The Clorox Company

On this episode of the Reboot Chronicles, Dean invited the head of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) at The Clorox Company, Jackson Jeyanayagamto discuss consumer shifts and the future of consumer packaged goods (CPG). For over 100 years, this $7 billion dollar giant, with over 9,000 employees in over 200 markets, has been developing and acquiring market leading products that consumers rely on worldwide.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 135
Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce - Brian Solis

Visualization of Future Trends - Digital Transformation, Innovation, CX and E-commerce

Join Dean DeBiase and  Brian Solis, named “one of the most creative and brilliant business minds of our time” by Forbes, Salesforce’s Global Innovation Evangelist, best-selling author, keynoter and futurist. Over the years, Brian has immersed himself in mastering business market disruption, society and the future in a digital anthropologist role. Now working at the $17 billion dollar giant Salesforce, he has no shortage of insights to share in and around digital transformation, innovation, cognitive experiences and human behavior.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 133 
CEO & Founder at
The Red Tree - Stirling Murray

Emerging Stronger - Future Business Models to Fund, Scale and Reboot Brands

Join Dean DeBiase and  Stirling Murray - CEO & Founder at The Red Tree as they discuss the challenges facing the global health, beauty and wellness industries. Red Tree is one of the top action-oriented beauty brand consultancy groups that provides strategic advisement to a mix of large and startup brands, and the group also manages certain brands in specific regions around the world.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 122       
EVP & CMO at
Franklin Covey and Best-Selling Author - Scott Miller

Boardroom Innovation –  How to move from Management Mess to Leadership Success

Join Dean DeBiase and best-selling author and EVP/CMO at Franklin Covey, Scott Miller, as they unpack Scott’s latest book, Management Mess to Leadership Success, and explore leadership challenges like creating an actionable vision,  leading difficult conversations, inspiring trust, actively listening, putting the right people in the right roles, getting the right results—the right way... and how you can become a leader people will follow.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 120       
CEO of
Credo -  Dawn Dobras
Co-Founder - Annie Jackson

‘Badass Women’ – Ditching The Dirty List for Clean Products and Fun Retail

Join Dean DeBiase and Credo Co-Founders Dawn Dobras and Annie Jackson to learn how these Silicon Valley entrepreneurs built the largest clean beauty retailer on the planet—partnering with 130  brands run by badass women—to serve consumers who are demanding more sustainability, transparency and education in everything from their food and beverages to cosmetics and skincare.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 116        
Cameo - Steven Galanis

Celebrities on Lock-down – How is Hollywood Seizing the COVID-19 Moment

Join Dean Debiase and Steven Galanis, CEO of Cameo as we discuss the celebrity reaction to the worldwide pandemic.

Named one of the "50 Genius Companies on Earth" by Time Magazine, Cameo is the world’s leading marketplace for personalized video shoutouts, from over 30,000 celebrities, on everything from promoting events and brands to COVID-19 fundraising that is making a big impact around the globe.
The Reboot Chronicles Episode 114        
SVP Digital Transformation at
Coty - Chris Chesebro

Reopening The Economy – What we can learn from The Professional Beauty Sector

Join Dean DeBiase and Chris Chesebro, SVP Digital Transformation of Coty’s massive Professional Beauty business.

Learn how this $9 billion global company, with brands that are #1 in fragrances, #2 in salon hair and #3 in color cosmetics, is pivoting and helping the salon industry survive, re-open and resume services around the world.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 112        
CEO British Beauty Council - Millie Kendall

The State of the Global Health and Beauty Industry

Our guest, Millie Kendall, is a retail maven and brand creator, who has spearheaded the development of many popular cult brands including Shu Uemura, Aveda, Tweezerman, L’Occitane and Ruby & Millie.

A top industry thought leader and policy influencer, find out what’s new and what’s next in HBA and what Millie is focused on globally as the CEO of The British Beauty Council.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 111
Author, Forbes Contributor & Retail Influencer - Steve Dennis

The State of Retail: What to do now and What’s Next

Join Dean DeBiase and Steve Dennis, a Forbes Senior Contributor, Top 5 Retail Influencer and author of Remarkable Retail, which Seth Godin calls “required reading for anyone who runs a store”.

They thought the
Retail Apocalypse was the worst thing that could happen—but then came along a pandemic triggering retail lockdowns around the globe.  Dean and Steve unpack the historic issues retailers face and why it’s not physical that’s dead—just boring retail!
The Reboot Chronicles Episode 109
EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Motorola Solutions, Eduardo Conrado

Dean DeBiase invites Eduardo Conrado from Motorola Solutions to join him, for an in depth look on how his company is rebooting their growth and innovation, on the heals of receiving a $1 Billion investment from Silver Lake.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 108
CMO & President MileagePlus for United Airlines, Tom O'Toole

Dean DeBiase, invites Tom O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer and President, MileagePlus for United Airlines, to discuss the future of travel.

With nearly two million flights carrying over 135 million passengers a year, hear how United is upgrading its customer experience as never before: from all new digital channels to major product investments on the ground and in the air—on over 5,000 flights daily to 353 airports in 58 countries.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 107
CEO McDonald’s, Steve Easterbrook

In this very timely no-holds-barred discussion with Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO, we learn why he has returned to the largest foodservice retailer in the world—and get pre-announcement sneak-peaks into their digital initiatives, rumored Chicago office, new partnership with Kraft and their turnaround plans.

On the heels of disappointing sale results, Steve goes on to share his insights with the audience about how McDonald's is transforming the brand, the team, the menu and of course the experience in 35,000 restaurants serving 70 million people in 100 countries every day.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 106
CEO TricorBraun, Court Carruthers

Dean hosts another wide-ranging, no-holds-barred exchange with Court Carruthers peering into the innovation machine at Grainger, from tapping into UX design and customer service connections to leveraging technology and the Internet of Things.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 105
Global Director of Innovation at Whirlpool, Moisés Noreña

In another no-holds-barred exchange that takes off the protective veneer, Dean DeBiase, Revieve's Chairman and Moisés Noreña, Global Director of Innovation at Whirlpool, chat about Whirlpool's journey and how innovation and design thinking saved an iconic American brand and transformed an industry.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 104
Exelon's CIIO, Sonny Garg

Dean DeBiase, Revieve's Chairman and Sonny Garg, Exelon's CIIO, kick-off the signature no-holds-barred exchange about the real challenges of driving innovation, nurturing and rewarding your people...and how "Dancing with Startups" can help large corporations with accelerated thinking and doing.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 103
CEO Devry Education Group, Daniel Hamburger

In our "back-to-school night" no-holds-barred exchange, Dean DeBiase - Revieve's Chairman and Daniel Hamburger - CEO of Devry Education Group, debate and discuss DeVry's journey from an acquisition by Keller Graduate School of Management, to a multi-billion dollar public brand, with 9 for profit educational institutions, education students at 80 locations around the world.

Daniel also announces DeVry's new EdTech venture and incubator in partnership with 1871 at this series, and finds some potential new ventures in the audience.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 102
CEO WPP, Martin Sorrell

Part three: Sir Martin Sorrell and Dean DeBiase have in-depth discussion at Digital Media Summit.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 101
CEO WPP, Martin Sorrell

Part three: Sir Martin Sorrell and Dean DeBiase have in-depth discussion at Digital Media Summit.

The Reboot Chronicles Episode 100
CEO WPP, Martin Sorrell

Part one: Sir Martin Sorrell and Dean DeBiase have in-depth discussion at Digital Media Summit.