Revieve and Samsung to Bring Personalized Skincare Advice to Bixby Vision

Revieve a leading beauty-technology company based in Finland has built a partnership to bring a selfie-based skin analysis and personalized skincare product recommendations to Samsung mobile devices, starting with the Samsung flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S10 in US and Korea.

The two companies combine their efforts to offer Samsung Galaxy S10 consumers with the opportunity to receive an individualized skin analysis by taking a selfie with Bixby Vision, Samsung’s intelligence platform. The skin-analysis available through Bixby Vision is powered by Revieve’s best-in-class selfie skin-analysis solution. In the coming months, Revieve and Samsung are adding individualized product recommendations powered by Revieve’s partner retailers to the solution

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Samsung in bringing a market-leading selfie skin-analysis and personalized recommendations to Samsung-customers. Samsung has clearly positioned itself as a front-runner in offering consumers with exciting, personalized services directly on the mobile phone. ”, explains Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.

“Being able to see our technology natively integrated into Samsung’s premium smartphone is a significant milestone for us. We can’t wait to see how far we can take this partnership and are proud to be selected by Samsung as their partner-of-choice for a selfie-based skin analysis”, continues Parkkinen.

For more information about Revieve:

Revieve is a venture-funded, leading beauty-technology company head-quartered inHelsinki, Finland working with retailers and beauty brands across four continents in helping to bring the in-store beauty consultant to the digital era. Revieve’s white-labelled product suite of Digital Beauty Advisor products works directly across all digital channels where retailers and brands engage beauty-shoppers, including digital in-store, e-commerce, on FB Messenger and WeChat.

Sampo Parkkinen
+1 312-572-9976 / +358-41-532-7114


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