AI Skincare Advisor

Revieve's best-in-class AI Skincare Advisor is easy to use.

Consumers can upload a selfie and the platform will instantly provide detailed diagnostics and recommendations of specific products and treatments tailored to their needs and personal preferences.
Revieve AI/AR Technology

Market Leading Mobile AR Skin Diagnostics

Combine advanced selfie skin analysis with user data to provide automated AI-driven skincare product recommendations, advice and education in all channels.

True Omnichannel Experience

Revieve offers state-of-the-art skin diagnostic technology for retailers & brands, which allows consumers to analyze their selfie with standard devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets without any additional hardware needed.

The technology analyzes 100+ different points in real time.
Revieve AI/AR Technology
Revieve AI/AR Technology

Web & Mobile E-commerce AR

Enable your customers to analyze their skin and get product recommendations in real time directly within your website. Accessible via desktop, tablets or mobile in any browser. Easily deployed across e-commerce, mobile apps, Voice Shopping, FB Messenger or WeChat.

Revieve's advanced mobile skin diagnostic enables retailers & brands to personalize consumer search, evaluation, and purchasing experiences.

In Store AR Mirror

Revieve's AI Skincare Advisor provides personalized recommendations for your customers via any AR mirror or hardware.

Showcase your products in a unique way, reduce customer waiting time and build brand loyalty. Maximise ROI and improve basket size.
Revieve AI/AR Technology
Revieve AI/AR Technology

Custom Turnkey, API & SDK

Quickly deployed in any channel through our API and SDK for building custom beauty personalization applications.

Let's build a success story in beauty

Discover how partnering with Revieve can enable you to provide your customers with an ultimately personalized customer-experience across all the touchpoints you interact with your consumers on.