Explore the latest advancements that empower beauty brands and retailers to predict trends, craft customer profiles, and create hyper-personalized campaigns.

Chicago & Helsinki (August 30th, 2023) - Revieve, a global technology company enabling personalized brand experience solutions through its enterprise-grade beauty and wellness technology platform cross-category, cross-channel, and throughout the customer journey, reveals a remarkable advancement in harnessing data for its partners, resulting in substantial improvements across various aspects of partner business decisions and operations. This advancement empowers beauty brands and retailers with insights, serving as a catalyst for predictive campaigns and the creation of exceptionally personalized customer experiences.

Empowering Retailers with Unprecedented Insights

With the latest insights, beauty brands and retailers gain access to an extensive unique dataset that unlocks the ability to predict trends and orchestrate campaigns anchored in millions of data points.

In a recent Q2 analysis of U.S. retailers, Revieve's data highlighted significant shifts in consumer preferences. The prevalent concerns reported by shoppers were wrinkles, eye bags, and visible pores. Notably, Revieve’s partners saw a substantial 13 percent increase in user engagement among those who went through the AI-powered Skincare Advisor experience compared to the previous quarter, indicating a growing adoption of the digital AI-powered personalized beauty solutions.

As per the data extracted from Revieve's U.S. sample, the demographic landscape reveals that 40 percent of users belong to the Gen Z category, encompassing those under the age of 30. Additionally, insights into skin types provide a more nuanced understanding of consumers, indicating that 42 percent have combination skin, 22 percent experience dry skin, and 20 percent have oily skin. It's worth noting that these distributions exhibit variations across different territories.

Crafting Comprehensive Customer Profiles

The integration of GA4 analytics and zero- and first-party data empowers beauty brands and retailers to craft comprehensive customer profiles enriched with invaluable insights. Through a partnership with Revieve, brands and retailers unlock the capability to unveil precise product recommendations, highlight top categories, and decipher purchases based on various demographics such as age, lifestyle, and gender, and more. Retailers now gain data into consumer intent, enabling the creation of targeted marketing campaigns and retail ad programs with unparalleled efficacy.

Revieve's data also offers a deep dive into skin type preferences, transforming the way retailers comprehend consumer needs. For instance, insights from a sample of U.S. retailers in July reveal distinct concerns across various skin types. Normal skin users express worries about aging, visible pores, and wrinkles. Meanwhile, customers with dry skin express concerns such as aging, dark circles, and redness. Revieve's data uncovers insights into sensitive, oily, and combination skin types, offering a wealth of information that empowers brands to tailor their offerings effectively.

Mapping The Experiential Journey 

The experiential journey mapped by Revieve's data now encompasses demographics, skin concerns, gender, channels, age, and location, goals, and personal preferences culminating in product recommendations. The analysis even compares selfie-takers and non-selfie users, uncovering distinct buying behavior trends and drop-off points.

Furthermore, Revieve's data analysis transcends age barriers. The breakdown of completion rates and add-to-cart conversions across age segments provides retailers with a holistic view of customer behavior. Revieve's data-driven approach doesn't just stop at metrics; it delivers comprehensive customer profiles with age-specific scores, seamlessly merging skin metrics and purchasing behaviors.

“The merging of GA4 analytics and first-party data is steering the beauty industry towards an era of unparalleled insights and hyper-personalization. These insights from key data points aid in targeting consumers’ needs individually with care so we can help provide useful solutions on their skincare journey,” said Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve. “This advancement in data collection and utilization helps target and provide solutions for the newest generation of beauty and skincare consumers, Gen Z.”