These solutions redefine personalized beauty shopping, offering tailored experiences for consumers, streamlined integration for retailers, and enhanced engagement for brands. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in beauty retail, leveraging advanced technology to revolutionize the customer experience.

Helsinki, Chicago ( 21 February, 2024) - Revieve®, a Google Cloud partner, is excited to announce the launch of 'Match My Look' and 'Shop the Look', specifically for the makeup category, powered by Revieve’s BeautyML and Google Cloud’s leading Vertex AI platform. This significant advancement in the beauty industry represents a transformative step in personalized beauty retail, meeting the evolving needs of consumers, retailers, and brands. Revieve's solutions are also available on Google Cloud Marketplace, ensuring easy integration and accessibility.

Revolutionizing Makeup Beauty Retail with Match My Look & Shop the Look

These AI-powered experiences are redefining the beauty shopping journey:

  1. Match My Look: Allows users to upload any makeup look for comprehensive analysis, utilizing the precision of BeautyML and Vertex AI.
  2. Shop the Look: Offers personalized product recommendations from an extensive array of brands and retailers, tailored to the user's chosen look.

For Makeup Shoppers: Discover, Try, Love

Focusing on enriching the shopper's journey, these experiences provide:

  1. A Personalized Shopping Adventure: Transform inspirations into unique, tailored shopping experiences.
  2. Virtual Try-On for Enhanced Confidence: Explore different products and colors through advanced virtual try-on capabilities.
  3. Options for Every Budget: Catering to all styles and financial preferences, from luxury to everyday makeup.
  4. Inclusive and Efficient Shopping: A streamlined approach accommodating diverse beauty needs and preferences.

For Retailers & Makeup Brands: Enhanced Engagement, Increased Sales, and Market Agility

Retailers and brands stand to gain immense benefits:

  1. Deep Customer Engagement: Crafting interactive and engaging experiences that build strong brand loyalty.
  2. Boosting Sales: Enhanced conversion rates through personalized recommendations and virtual try-ons.
  3. Agility in Trend Responsiveness: Rapid adaptation to beauty trends with minimal investment.
  4. Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies: Flexibility and efficiency in marketing, avoiding the need for costly predefined looks.
  5. Gaining Consumer Insights: Accessing crucial data for informed marketing and inventory decisions.
  6. Empowering Retail Staff: Providing tools for real-time, personalized beauty solutions in-store.

Executive Insights

Irina Mazur, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Revieve, states: "The introduction of 'Match My Look' and 'Shop the Look' marks a pivotal innovation in beauty retail. These experiences, powered by BeautyML and Vertex AI, are designed to provide a personalized and interactive beauty shopping experience."
Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve, adds: "This launch is a significant step in our ongoing partnership with Google Cloud. Through this collaboration, we are able to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our offerings and better serve our customers in the beauty industry."
Paul Tepfenhart, Global Director of Retail & Consumer Strategy at Google Cloud, remarks: "We are excited about our collaboration with Revieve in the makeup industry, leveraging our Vertex AI technology. This partnership is a great example of using technology to innovate and enhance consumer experiences, setting new standards in personalized beauty shopping."

About Revieve

Revieve® is a leader in digital beauty experience technology, specializing in AI and data analytics for the beauty, skincare, and wellness industries. As a Google Cloud  partner, Revieve's innovative solutions are available on Google Cloud Marketplace.