Revieve has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud by making its Digital Beauty Platform available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Helsinki, Chicago ( 23, 2023) -- Revieve®, a personalized digital brand experience company working with global brands, retailers and digital services providers in the beauty, skin, health and wellness categories, today announced that its Digital Beauty Platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Through this expanded partnership, beauty businesses will have the ability to bring the deeply personalized seamless, comprehensive, end-to-end offerings,  making customer beauty and wellness experiences lasting, comprehensive, and continuous.

The world of commerce is in the middle of a transformational shift, challenging old, transaction-driven business models used by brands and retailers and enforcing a new era of relationship-driven commerce. In no other verticals than the skin, health, beauty, and wellness—the most personal categories of commerce for every consumer— is this transformation as clearly visible.  

The partnership between Revieve and Google Cloud is aimed at helping beauty brands and retailers enhance their omnichannel capabilities and leap from a transaction-driven to a relationship-driven commerce model.

Revieve’s solutions personalize every aspect of the consumer journey with fully inclusive digital makeup, skincare and other beauty experiences to meet consumers’ diverse and unique needs. Retailers and beauty brands can increase conversion rates, enable and create lasting loyalty experiences with consumers, and drive AOV and revenue by providing expert advice and tailored product recommendations based on users’ characteristics, unique preferences, skin concerns/analysis, as well as offering visualization and digital try-on experiences.

“Through its unique ecosystem orchestration capabilities, Revieve not only gives its customers the ability to leverage state of the art technology for deeply personalized consumer journeys, but also unlocks additional revenue and monetization opportunities, enables operational efficiencies and accelerates time to market,” said Irina Mazur, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Revieve. “The solutions available will also help beauty brands and retailers collect and evaluate actionable real-time data about their customers for further adoption and actions across their business practices.”

“Bringing Revieve and its solutions to Google Cloud marketplace will help beauty retailers and brands leverage real-time data and product discovery insights in new ways. From strengthening inventory and merchandising strategy decisions, to enhancing opportunities to reach new audiences,” said Paul Tepfenhart, Global Director at Google Cloud.

“For us, it is fundamental to provide clients with an on-demand and personalized experience to deliver on their brand promise whenever and wherever their customers prefer to shop,” said Sampo Parkkinen, CEO and Co-Founder at Revieve. “We are pleased to partner with Google Cloud to help beauty brands and retailers build a strong digital core. This collaboration adds further momentum to beauty companies looking to accelerate their digital path and deliver the next generation of beauty experiences, while consequently driving revenue growth and unlocking new monetization opportunities. Bringing together Google Cloud’s leading technologies and Revieve’s suite of tech-powered experiences under one roof, will also enable companies to improve data accuracy and accessibility, providing a more seamless, comprehensive, end-to-end experience for the consumer journey.”
About Revieve 

Revieve is the preferred provider to beauty brands and retailers for delivering a digitally-driven, personalized brand experience leveraging its enterprise-grade beauty and wellness technology platform cross-category, cross-channel, and throughout the customer journey. 

With easy-to-use self-diagnostic and coaching solutions that personalize search, product discovery, and shopping experiences, Revieve's digital beauty and wellness technology platform delivers consumers targeted products, services, and treatments that enhance the customer-brand relationship and drive loyalty. 

Revieve's platform also seamlessly integrates personalized shopping solutions and in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors, driving tangible business value by increasing consumer engagement, conversion, and basket size across all digital in-store and online brand touchpoints.

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