As the world continues to welcome overseas travel, the travel retail beauty industry is accelerating once again. But, how can brands and retailers keep up with the demands of the forever experiential consumer, who craves more from the traditional shopping experience, in-store and online?

Brands and retailers now have the opportunity to enhance consumer-brand relationship by tapping into the immersive world of digital beauty, across all channels, devices and locations by leveraging Revieve's market-leading, enterprise-grade digital beauty platform.

Revieve's platform leverages AI and AR technology to help you deliver a more personalized and consumer centric experience and provides frictionless integration opportunities to additional software or hardware devices that allow you to create bespoke beauty experiences.

Our Senior Business Development Director, EMEA, Danielle Watson is delighted to attend TFWA World Exhibition and Conference 2022 and will be thrilled to connect with you and share examples about innovative travel beauty retail solutions. Set up a meeting with Danielle and learn more about:

1) On-demand, Relevant and Personalized Digital Brand Experiences

Technology is evolving at a faster pace than brands can adopt it. The world's largest beauty companies, including AS. Watson Group, Shiseido Company, and Unilever, embrace the latest emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence to augmented reality, to give customers a more personalized, tailor-made approach to beauty.

The right beauty technology experiences in the travel retail environment can allow shoppers to try on products, looks, and offer accurate product matches, replacing the traditional touch-and-try approach, while augmenting the role of the in-store beauty consultant.

2) In-store Smart Mirror Beauty Experiences

Last year, Shiseido introduced the first over-the-counter Skin Visualizer - a contact-free device that measures and visualizes skin's Beauty Circulation, a concept developed by Shiseido referring to the elements of beauty circulating in the skin, to provide consumers with personalized beauty advice and product recommendations.

Shisiedo Skin Visualizer was deployed in over 80 countries and including locations like Tokyo Haneda Airport.

To use the Skin Visualizer, consumers sit in front of an in-store mirror, answer a few questions related to their skin type, and take a selfie. The user is provided personalized digital skincare advice based on their skin metrics, which adopts artificial intelligence, expert algorithms, and real-time information, such as the user's location, to determine an overall skin health score.

3) QR Code Powered Mobile Beauty Experiences

With the use of in-store QR code advertisements passengers can easily access engaging beauty experiences such as Online Skincare Advisor experiences and true-to-life AR-powered makeup try on experiences.

With an Online Skincare Advisor readily available via mobile, any customer can receive immediate in-depth assistance, personalized recommendations, and high-level expertise that will help them make more confident purchase decisions while they travel.

If you'd like to connect with Revieve to delight your passengers with AI/AR powered in-store or online beauty experiences, then message Danielle to set up at meeting: