At Revieve, we have developed an end-to-end offering where you get everything you need for the best-personalized digital brand experience for your customers. With the lowest cost of ownership, Revieve ensures you avoid lengthy implementation processes, expensive single-channel solutions, and continuous integrations.

Today, a personalized beauty shopping experience has become table stakes for brands and retailers. And selecting an ideal beauty technology partner to handle the implementation of the solutions you need is a big decision given the stark contrast between beauty technology offerings in the marketplace.

While a low price point from a beauty technology provider can be enticing, the upcoming surprises in costs won't give the picture you need to know if your investment has paid off.

That's why at Revieve, we have developed an end-to-end offering where you know exactly from the get-go what you pay and what you get. And based on what our partners say, what you get from Revieve is everything you need for the best-personalized digital brand experience for your customers. Here's how we do it:

We handle all the implementation in-house

When you select Revieve as your partner, we implement the solution for you. That means we not only provide the technology you need, but advise you on the user flow, build the product recommendation logic, and help you deploy the solution.

With Revieve, brands and retailers avoid lengthy implementation processes, expensive single-channel solutions, worrying about data silos, interacting with an army of developers, and continuous integrations.

Here you save resources because you don't need to implement them yourself in your organization.

We provide a personalized approach to optimize your results

Our primary goal is to help our partners drive immediate business results. When partnering with us, we support your business from end to end by making solution optimization part of your  journey with Revieve. We have developed a 90-day program post-go-live that provides personalized attention to you to help you optimize the ROI of your solution.

For instance, this is how we've helped companies such as No7 Beauty Company and A.S. Watson achieve outstanding business results and maximize their ROI.

We deliver a smooth product feed onboarding and automation

A big pain point for any brand or retailer is managing product data. Most likely, you have all of this product information scattered around in multiple spreadsheets, which can ultimately make the implementation process a huge hassle.

Getting the product feed from you and ensuring it has all the necessary information is the first thing we request from our partners to kick off a project. Once we put together a product feed, you only have to enter new product information or remove old ones. No additional work is required from your side to update the recommendation engine.

With product recommendations powered by Revieve, you do not even have to think of the product data attributes. We at Revieve have an extensive amount of SKUs in our database with the needed product data and, if you have any local products or private labels, our project team will make sure the data is added to the solution.

By dividing the recommendation engine into two layers, we can keep the recommendation logic manageable and easy to update when new products are added or questions/ selections are changed. Therefore, we ensure that any product you add will be part of the solution automatically.

We customize the solution to your brand

All our solutions are fully customizable to the look and feel of your brand. While the look is essential, the language, user input & logic are also crucial elements in the experience. Our role is to recommend the right mix of elements to help your customers experience your brand to the fullest.

We deploy fast and with care

Today, Revieve is the only beauty technology partner that offers a ready-to-deploy complete solution for the fastest go-to-market and effortless implementation.

Moreover, all our solutions seamlessly integrate into any digital ecosystem with a shorter deployment time than any other provider in the market. And most importantly, as your business grows across markets, we provide you with global delivery. For example, Revieve serves all countries, including China and Russia.

Partnering with us means you will work with a dedicated team of industry experts who will cover everything from roadmapping and consultation to implementation, integration, continuous optimization, analytics, and beyond.

We connect you to a global ecosystem of digital service providers and implementation partners

Revieve's partner approach means that you can find all the tools you need to scale our solutions across any brand environment, format, and location.

When partnering with Revieve, you are plugged into a broad and robust ecosystem of digital solution providers, including Revieve's network of hardware partners, developer-ecosystem, activation, and other software partners. Some of our enterprise-grade integrations include Shopify, Hubspot, Marketo, Adobe, and more.

For instance, together with our brand and retail partners, we've collaborated with Clientela and actiMirror to deploy our solutions in the in-store environment and to better support beauty consultants.

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