Characterized by an expressive and self-conscious nature, Gen Z has become a unique force in driving mindful consumption. Millennials may have prioritized simplicity but Gen Z is focused on creativity and self-expression.

What are the differences in how Gen Z in North America and Europe experience skincare? How can beauty brands and retailers help them find their ideal beauty match? In this report, we share the findings from analysing proprietary engagement data of Gen Z with Revieve’s AI Skincare Advisor across 25 countries in Europe and North America between January and June 2021. These differences are fundamental for brands to avoid a one size fits all approach when catering to Gen Z.


Gen Z is shaking up the business of beauty

When it comes to brand affiliation, Gen Z expects and demands specific standards to be met by brands to align with their values: they want something unique, exclusive, and different.

Gen Z and its obsession with skincare

A recent study by Klarna unveiled how Gen Zers are spending more money on skincare than any other generation to date, with 41.5 percent of respondents saying it was their top category.

Gen Z and its interaction with digital skincare experiences

Compared to millennials and baby boomers, Gen Z is more or almost as willing to use personalized digital brand experiences powered by AI/AR technologies to understand their skin health or virtually try-on beauty products before purchase.

Gen Z Top Skin Concerns

Gen Z in North America are primarily concerned with treating wrinkles and eye bags, while Gen Z in Europe are mainly concerned about having smooth skin.

Personalising the skincare journey across brand touchpoints drives tangible business results

As a response to the uprising in skincare prioritization, many beauty brands and even those targeted to Gen Zers started to look for options to increase product discovery, infuse personalization, and enhance purchase confidence in the customer journey.

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