The holidays are right around the corner, and this year shoppers are tackling their lists earlier than ever—as early as October!

This year's holiday is all about the experience or, in short, "shoppertainment." That means consumers are craving to have fun, experience new things, and make the most out of their money and time. It's also the perfect moment to build stronger bonds with your customers and deliver an engaging and inspiring brand experience during this festive season. But what are the key strategies for brands and retailers to capture the comeback this holiday?

Klarna's latest holiday report says that 40% of US shoppers will start their holiday shopping earlier this year than they did last year. And not just that, but already 22% have already begun, with another 22% planning to get started before Black Friday. 

The peak shopping season is always prime time for brand and product discovery. And this year, discovery is likely to be in overdrive. Consumers spend months considering their seasonal purchases, giving them many opportunities to find new brands and products as they research, purchasing via search engines, physical stores, brand sites and apps, retail sites and apps, and online ads. 

With this in mind, get ready to meet customers wherever they like to shop and make the most out of Revieve's personalized brand experiences powered by AI and AR. Here are five tips to help you set the tone for this festive season and help you maximize your efforts and boost sales during the most important shopping season of the year!

1. Hyperlink the digital advisor in all your social channels 

The vast majority of younger shoppers—78% of Gen Z and 79% of Millennials—say they have purchased a product after seeing it on social media. For that reason, it will be essential to link your digital advisor experience across all your social media channels. For example, you can add it on your Instagram bio, stories swipe up, and social ads across social media channels. 

Adding the link to the advisor will help you get closer to closing skincare, and makeup purchases as consumers can purchase in one click; the advisor will open in-app, and the customer can try the experience directly and purchase right away. 

2. Promote unique gifting experiences  

Skincare and color cosmetics are traditional holiday gifts for oneself. Klarna's latest holiday report says that most of its shoppers (66%) would prefer to receive a gift card over a physical gift.

However, it's challenging to buy skincare or makeup products for others. Instead, you can create a gift card tied to your digital advisor experience, so your customers can buy that instead for family or friends and wow them with a cherry on top! 

If gift cards were ever considered bland and impersonal, this is your chance to make them personal.

3. Mix early-bird specials with the digital advisor 

Most US shoppers will start their holiday shopping earlier this year; this is the perfect time to entice them with early-bird specials. For example, mix the digital advisor experience with product discount bundles: 

✨ Get your skincare analysis today - get 20% for purchasing two products, get 30% for purchasing four more!

4. Encourage your customers to build their own gift set

Because self-love still matters, especially amongst young shoppers, then help your customers finally get the skincare or makeup products they had been dreaming about once and for all. 

While you can build customer gift sets for them, isn't it better to empower them to make their own? That's what you can encourage them to do with through the digital advisor experience: 

✨ Get your skincare analysis, build your personalized routine, and get a discount on your entire routine purchase.

5. Use your first-party data to build advanced marketing campaigns

By now, as a Revieve partner, you've been able to gather first-party data that is used for gaining deeper insights into customer behavior and precisely re-targeting customers to personalize the consumer experiences across touchpoints further.

Data that you can start utilizing this holiday season to build in-depth customer profiles convenient for this season are demographics, skin types and concerns, device preferences, traffic sources, and others.

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