In partnership with Revieve, Bulldog launches its AI-powered Skin Advisor tool in the UK allowing men to receive personalised product recommendations with just a selfie.

London & Helsinki (January 19, 2023) -- Bulldog Skincare announced today the launch of a new AI Skin Advisor on its UK website, developed in partnership with Revieve®, a global company enabling personalised brand experience solutions through its enterprise-grade beauty and wellness technology platform cross-category, cross-channel, and throughout the customer journey.

To make the skincare journey more engaging and accessible to men, Bulldog Skincare launches the "AI Skin Advisor," an AI-powered selfie analysis experience powered by Revieve that analyses the user's skin and provides a personalised skincare routine and care tips to customers in less than one minute.

The AI Skin Advisor delivers a complete overview of a customer's skin condition by educating users on the most common skin concerns amongst users that identify as men ** such as eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines, acne, dark spots, and visible spots, to name a few.

We have always believed that skincare shouldn’t be complicated, nor should finding the right products be a daunting task. That’s why we launch our AI Skin Advisor tool in the UK with great excitement. The tool makes it even easier for our consumers to discover skincare products that are just right for them and their skin, comments James Barnes, General Manager of Bulldog Skincare.

How Bulldog’s AI Skin Advisor works

To receive an in-depth skincare analysis with a personalised skincare routine, product recommendations, and care tips, customers to the Bulldog UK website complete three main steps:

  • Answer questionnaire: At this stage, the customer is prompted with questions such as skin type and concerns to help the AI product recommendation engine learn more about customers' needs and expectations of a skincare routine.
  • Input location: Customers are prompted to share their location to gather insight on the UV index, humidity, and pollution levels, as these environmental factors impact how a user's skin performs and the best matching products for them.
  • Take Selfie: As a final step, the customer can take a selfie analysed with Revieve's proprietary mobile skin diagnostics that helps measure more than 100 different metrics from a user's face. At this stage, the selfie analysis image is not saved and thus deleted immediately after the analysis.
Bulldog Skin Analysis
Bulldog launching in the UK marks a significant step forward in giving more men globally access to knowledge about their skin and thus lower the barrier of entry to skincare. We could not be happier to be the right partner to Bulldog Skincare for Men in this meaningful journey, says Sampo Parkkinen, CEO and Founder at Revieve.

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** Top men skincare concerns listing corresponds to Revieve's proprietary 2022 usage data amongst users that identify as male. The top 10 Skin Concerns for male users are eyebags (1), wrinkles & fine lines (2), acne (3), dark spots (4), visible pores (5), dull skin (6), dark circles (7), redness (8), hyperpigmentation (9), ageing (10).

About Bulldog Skincare for Men

Bulldog is Man's Best Friend. All our products are purpose built using the best of science and nature to help men look and feel their best. From our very first day, we've always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of. We never use ingredients from animal sources and are certified by Cruelty Free International. All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Bulldog launched in the UK in 2007 and is now available in over 30 countries and over 50,000 stores around the world.

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With easy-to-use self-diagnostic and coaching solutions that personalise search, product discovery, and shopping experiences, Revieve's digital beauty and wellness technology platform delivers consumers targeted products, services, and treatments that enhance the customer-brand relationship and drive loyalty.

Revieve's platform also seamlessly integrates personalised shopping solutions and in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors, driving tangible business value by increasing consumer engagement, conversion, and basket size across all digital in-store and online brand touchpoints.

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