Revieve's partner stories highlight the history and uniqueness behind the name from all brands in our Partner Network. This story highlights BOOST LAB, the serum specialist founded on the ‘boost attitude’.

Let's Talk Skincare with the Award-Winning Serum Experts 

BOOST LAB was born out of a need for high-quality and affordable skincare treatments in the Australian market. The revolutionary skincare brand targets the seven most common skin concerns through clinically supported serums formulated with gold standard ingredients. 

Harnessing the latest in skincare innovation and technology, the brand brings next-level expertise, energy, support, and a sense of community, boosting the effectiveness of customers’ skin routines. 

We know that each of our customers wants flexibility in their daily skincare regime. Everyone has a unique skin profile with a unique condition and ever-changing ailments. We set out to create simple, pure, and potent skincare, backed by science to deliver outstanding results at an affordable price point, says Craig Schweighoffer, CEO of BOOST LAB.

BOOST LAB Gives its Customers a Supercharged Boost with a Smart Move

As an industry leader, BOOST LAB has always made substantial efforts to understand its customers. As an industry leader, BOOST LAB has always made substantial efforts to understand its customers. The brand has noticed that there is a profound interest in convenient and personalized skincare advice available from anywhere, anytime in the skincare market.

In a time when bringing true-to-life experiences and face-to-face expert recommendations have become a challenge, BOOST LAB decided to minimize the risk involved with online shopping and offer consumers an opportunity to receive skin-related advice swiftly and confidently from the comfort of their own homes.

We’re always looking to make our customer journey easier, and that started with our easy-to-understand packaging. We wanted to remove the friction from the product selection process by arming consumers with real-time, personalized, dermatologist-level advice. Ultimately giving consumers the tools they need for good, healthy skin, says Craig Schweighoffer, CEO of BOOST LAB.

Supercharging BOOST LAB's Serum Collection with an AI-powered Online Skin Analysis

BOOST LAB decided to find a digital brand experience partner in beauty to partner with and make it easier for consumers to find suitable serums for their skin concerns online. The brand selected Revieve as a trusted partner to work with and implement Revieve's market-leading self-diagnostic digital skincare solution, the AI Skincare Advisor.

Customers can now receive personalized skincare advice via the BOOST LAB website based on the user's skin metrics, powered by artificial intelligence, expert algorithms, and real-time information, such as the user's location, that determine an overall skin health score to recommend products.

The Skin Advisor technology, powered by Revieve, allows our consumers to gain expert feedback and recommendations swiftly and confidently. Our products are already created with simplicity in mind, so the app further assists in matching people to the quality serums and products they need most -with nothing more than a selfie. We've been overwhelmed by the feedback from consumers, most commenting that they love the freedom and accessibility to such a high level of information and that they're noticing their skin concerns diminish or improve thanks to the product recommendations, says Craig Schweighoffer, CEO of BOOST LAB.

Skin Advisor is available to use via the BOOST LAB website.