Not sure where to start with creating a beauty technology request for proposal (RFP)? Discover everything you need to know about beauty tech solution provider RFPs below.

At Revieve, we understand that it is not practical for retailers and brands to handle all aspects of beauty tech implementation internally. Whether your purpose is to create a better in-store experience or fuel the growth of your metrics with new technology capabilities, it is critical to conduct due diligence on your potential partners.

To make it easier for retailers and brands to select the right vendor partner, we've created a Beauty Tech Request for Proposal Template (RFP) template with some key questions to ask any potential beauty tech partner. If you need further guidance, please reach out to us.

For every brand and retailer working on RFP, the best place to start is to gather information on the details of the project. But in order for your potential partners receiving the RFP to provide the most relevant responses, you must provide some information to provide them with context around your needs and the project requirements.

It's important to include information on your brand's background to give the vendor context on your business needs.  Providing your goals and desired scope of services provides the potential vendor with a sense of your priorities for engaging in this project. Remember to lay out the estimated start date of the engagement with the vendor and specify key deadlines for each stage of the project. It's a good test to determine which vendor is capable of handling the project's demand. Include which factors will weigh most heavily in your decision for a solution, including a range of your anticipated budget. Provide clear directions on how and when vendors should submit their proposals. Most importantly, decide on a date by which the decision for a solution will be made.

You can find more detailed questions in our Beauty Tech Provider RFP template. We hope this sample RFP helps with your search, and please be sure to include Revieve in your RFP. We'd love the opportunity to win your business.

Download our free template today.