This is how AI/AR-powered personalization boosted our partners' 2022 Black Friday sales.

The changes brought by the economic crisis, such as inflation, are forcing consumers to tighten their belts. However, Black Friday remains one of the year's busiest shopping periods. According to Adobe, consumers topped a record-breaking $9.12 billion spent in online shopping during Black Friday this year. 

The latest Black Friday performance results from our clients globally show that beauty brands and retailers relying on digital beauty advisor technologies have seen a significant increase in sales during Black Friday. Here are the top trends we observed this year: 

Customers Are More Likely to Make a Purchase with a Digital Beauty Advisor

We've previously reported how some of our customers have seen higher conversion rates after implementing our solutions. For example, our customer Marionnaud has noticed that customers engaging with an Online Skin Advisor powered by Revieve convert 396% better.

When comparing our clients' conversion rates from Black Friday in 2021, this year, we saw a 34% increase across their websites. However, when looking at customers that interacted with a digital beauty advisor experience powered by Revieve, the increase in conversion rate was 57%

Customers Buy More With a Digital Beauty Advisor

Besides conversion rates, looking at the revenue per user generated is a good performance indicator to understand if your newly deployed digital beauty experience is yielding results. For example, customers like Living Proof have seen that the revenue per user is 2.4 times higher for users that went through their digital beauty experience powered by Revieve. 

When looking at the revenue per user of our clients from Black Friday in 2021, this year, we saw a 47% increase across their web shoppers. However, when looking at customers that interacted with a digital beauty advisor experience powered by Revieve, the revenue per user was 62% higher

Omnichannel is the New Black Friday Deal

Retail leaders like A.S. Watson and JCPenney have taken steps towards delivering a more seamless experience. For example, A.S. Watson launched their O+O retail strategy, which Malina Ngai, CEO at A.S. Watson, describes as "Forget physical versus online. It's not either/or - O+O is the new retail standard." O+O stands for offline plus online, and it's about delivering a new retail standard where the retail group creates an integrated experience to serve customers' needs to shop across any channel, anytime and anywhere they want. 

For Black Friday, it's important to remember that customers are no longer sticking to just one shopping channel. Instead, they are bouncing between brand touchpoints, gathering information, evaluating products, and making a buying decision when you least expect it. 

Therefore, beauty brands and retailers must work towards matching products with the right customer at the right time. A way to achieve this is by deploying personalization at scale. For instance, to strengthen its omnichannel strategy, JCPenney launched an AI-powered skincare advisor experience and true-to-life AR-powered makeup try-on capabilities in partnership with Revieve to help consumers find what they need, also online. 

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