Revieve Product Launch Event December 2020

On December 3, 2020, at our quarterly Product Launch Event, we took the stage to discuss the emerging trends in the beauty industry and how Revieve helps partners to adapt and respond to the shifting consumer needs and preferences.

The event culminated in the release of the latest module for the Revieve’s Health-Beauty-Wellness platform – AI Nutrition Advisor. The module helps brands, retailers, and pharmacies to deliver personalized and highly optimized vitamin and supplement recommendations for consumers across all channels.
Interconnected Whole of Beauty, Health and Wellness

Working together with over 70 brands and retailers globally, Revieve has a strong view of the current state and the future state of the beauty industry.

“We see a lot of the emerging trends in the beauty space before they really happen. And particularly, one of the trends we’ve been very interested in is that the notion of beauty in the minds of the consumer has really shifted, already before the pandemic,” says
Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve.

For a long time, consumers have relied on topical beauty products to enhance their skin health and outer appearance, but now they also look for vitamins and supplements to nourish their skin from the inside. Beauty has become a substantial part of health and wellness and simultaneously pushed brands and retailers to reconsider how they can best serve their customers’ unique needs.

The newly launched AI Nutrition Advisor pioneers in encouraging consumers to adopt a more holistic approach to their skin health and enables Revieve partners to support their customers on a journey towards optimal well-being.

“Scientific and medical research has revealed revolutionary advances in the complex relationships between personalized nutrition and skin health. For example, dry skin can, for certain people, be corrected by eating just the right balance of different kinds of dietary fats or by taking a specific supplement that may be lacking in their diet." -
Dina Aronson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

AI Nutrition Advisor – Adaptive and Personalized Nutritional Regimens

AI Nutrition Advisor is the forerunner in personalized nutrition, providing brands, retailers, and pharmacies a solution for helping their customers reach their health and wellness goals with vitamins and supplements. “Personalized nutrition is the key to health and beauty because every person is getting exactly what they need, nothing more, nothing less,” says Dina Aronson.

The module provides optimized vitamin and supplement recommendations in just three simple steps.

“We have kept the same engaging user flow that helps build trust with the user and learn more about their preferences, goals, and concerns,” says Daria Zhuravleva, Product Manager.

As a first step, the AI Nutrition Advisor asks the user questions to get to know the user better and also to map out any crucial information needed to recommend vitamins and supplements.

In the second step, the solution leverages Revieve’s market-leading selfie skin diagnostics and analyzes over 20 skin-health related metrics from the user’s face to get an in-depth understanding of their skin condition.

Finally, the AI-powered recommendation engine automatically combines the user data with environmental data and provides an easy-to-follow health routine with the reasoning of why each product was recommended.

“Consumers will use a tool they can trust because it learns who they are, and understands their goals, but most importantly, gives them the results they’re looking for. And they will repeat the experience again and again because they know it works for them.” - Dina Aronson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist