Cosmetic 360 is the 8th edition of the international innovation trade fair for the fragrance & cosmetics industry. It is a two-day event organized by Cosmetic Valley from October 12th to October 13th at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France.

Today we see more brands utilizing AI/AR technology and robust data to unpack precisely what customers' intentions and needs are, uplifting their beauty journey by recommending the right products. Beauty brands and retailers no longer need to dig deep to understand the differences across customer segments and creative breakthroughs to propel their business.

Once brands can engage with shoppers more intimately, customers are more likely to resonate with the business's message and purchase from the brand again. Delivering a suite of tech-powered experiences helps create valuable and meaningful experiences to make consumers' sharing of their preferences more rewarding. It enables brands to earn customer loyalty, making the customer care for the brand even more, purchase after purchase.

Our VP of Global Sales, Miikka Makio, and Senior Business Development Director, EMEA, Danielle Watson, are delighted to attend Cosmetic 360 and will be thrilled to connect with you and talk about these essentials and fundamentals shaping the beauty industry. Set up a meeting with Miikka and Danielle and learn more about:

1) What exactly will consumers look for in the beauty industry, and how do beauty companies need to adapt?

Today, a typical beauty shopper's journey consists of several devices, channels, and brand touchpoints. This pressures retailers and brands to widen the aperture and control complex customer journeys.

2) What does the phaseout of third-party cookies mean for the beauty industry?

Google is phasing out third-party cookies from Chrome. Brands and retailers must now lean into first-party and zero-party data, which will be instrumental in this new, more transparent ecosystem.

3) How to empower customers to "feel and breathe" your brand?

Beauty brands must drive a high-converting experience that inspires, guides, educates, and empowers conscious consumers to choose without limiting them.

4) The challenges and opportunities in the beauty tech industry

Learn the latest from the beauty tech world and start preparing for the new era of customer experience.

5) How to drive the most impactful results through beauty tech

Take the brand experience and personalization to the next level, start driving immediate results, and boost key business metrics.

If you'd like to connect with Revieve during Cosmetic 360 to take your beauty brand experience to the next level, then message Miikka or Danielle to set up a meeting: &