The new partnership merges Duolab’s cutting-edge technology and Revieve’s hyper-personalised digital skincare experiences

Helsinki & Geneva, June 8 – Duolab, an innovative start-up brand developed by the L’OCCITANE Group, announced today the launch of its Online Skin Diagnosis tool, developed in partnership with Revieve, a personalised digital brand experience company working with global brands including retailers and digital service providers in the beauty, skin, health, and wellness categories.  

DUOLAB’s next-generation beauty system, includes a countertop Lab Device that is able to blend 20 different face care formulations through an assortment of ‘mix-and-match’ Duo Capsules. DUOLAB’s flexible routines can adapt to the skin’s changing daily needs with personalised serums and moisturisers that are rich in natural active ingredients, preservative-free and freshly blended on-demand. As part of its newly designed and upgraded website, DUOLAB partnered with Revieve to add a personalised digital skin analysis as step one to help consumers find the correct product formulations for their needs.

Adapting and tailoring a flexible skincare routine for each individual person is what DUOLAB is all about, says Alain Harfouche, Managing Director of DUOLAB, so of course the most important first step is to identify the customer’s personal needs: their skin type, their goals, their lifestyle and their preferences. By working with Revieve we are able to combine consumers’ own observations with smart AI technology that analyses multiple aspects of their skin and recommends a tailored ‘prescription’ to deliver on their needs.

The partnership connects DUOLAB to the Revieve Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform and Revieve's AI Skincare Advisor, which leverages Revieve's proprietary computer vision technology that measures more than 120 skin metrics to provide users with an in-depth analysis of their skin. 

First-time customers begin with an online skin diagnosis on DUOLAB's website, powered by Revieve. Users answer questions about their skin concerns and personal needs, they input their geographical location and upload a selfie image. After analysis, the tool recommends a tailored ‘prescription’ of capsule combinations to answer the customer’s needs. Later in the year, DUOLAB will add a “Skin Coach” module that will help consumers track their progress over time and tweak their routines as needed.  

Personalised and customised skincare is no longer just an option for customers; it's the norm, says Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve. The future will be about coaching customers about their skin and helping them achieve the best skin of their life and the confidence that comes with it. We are honoured to partner with Duolab to create inclusive and intimate customer experiences and guide users towards achieving their skincare goals by helping them become experts on their skin.

About Revieve

Revieve is the preferred provider to brands and retailers across five continents for delivering a digitally-driven, personalised brand-experience, leveraging state-of-the-art AI/AR technology. Working with our partners, Revieve has transformed the customer-experience for skin care and colour cosmetics through its proprietary technology, the Revieve Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform.

With easy-to-use self-diagnostic modules that personalise search, product discovery and shopping experiences, Revieve’s digital beauty platform delivers consumers targeted products, services and treatments. Encompassing all facets of the health, beauty and wellness industry, Revieve’s trusted powered-by modules include the AI Skincare Advisor, AI Makeup Advisor, AI Suncare Advisor and AI Nutrition Advisor. The Revieve platform seamlessly integrates personalised shopping solutions, in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors, driving tangible business value by increasing consumer engagement, conversion and basket size across all digital in-store and online brand touchpoint


Launched in early 2020, DUOLAB offers consumers game-changing technology that creates personalised single dose moisturisers and serums at home. With “mix & match” capsule combinations, DUOLAB’s device can create up to 20 different formulas, freshly emulsified and ‘activated’ moments before application. The targeted formulas are 100% preservative free, packed with natural active ingredients and heated to skin temperature (37-42°C) to enhance absorption and add a sensorial aspect. The airtight capsules and contactless device technology also means the formulas are kept sterile throughout the process and with no cleaning required after use.

DUOLAB offers a free recycling program for all its used capsules and packaging with free return envelopes included in each order and a recycling partnership with Terracycle©.

DUOLAB can be purchased via its newly relaunched e-commerce platforms, currently available across three European markets:, and as well as selected retail locations, which can be found online.