Press Release Helsinki, Finland Dec 10th , 2018
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UK-based leading digital technology provider Visual Image Display Ltd, the leading retail design agency the Attic Group and the leading beauty personalization solution provider Revieve have partnered to bring a personalized turnkey beauty experience to in-store customers globally.

The partnership offers beauty retailers and brands the ability to provide a personalized, on-brand digital in-store beauty experience to shoppers from a single point, including all the necessary hardware, content management, branding and Digital Beauty Advisor – software required at a single point-of-contact and a flat price point, and built on a secure and supportable technology platform for scale deployment.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with these two leading companies in bringing this digitalized in-store beauty solution to brands and retailers. Through their state-of-the art technology platform, visual branding and our market-leading Digital Beauty Advisor – software, provided to brands and retailers from a single point-of-contact at a flat price point, we’re changing the way retailers and brands can try out digital in-store beauty offerings”, explains Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.
“Many of our customers expressed their frustration in building, designing and purchasing a digital in-store beauty solution. With many moving elements, each coming from a different service provider, retailers and brands have in the past had to coordinate projects many months long in order to get a single digital display with a personalized Digital Beauty Advisor solution running in their stores. We’re here to change that.”, continues Parkkinen.
Visual Image Managing Director for EMEA, Martyn Barnett commented; “our technology platform is trusted by major brands and corporations for its ability to be securely deployed and supported at scale. Partnering with Revieve and The Attic Room allows us to provide our clients with a class leading fusion of software, technology and in-store furniture that offers so many sourcing, performance and total cost of ownership advantages to our clients.
“To partner with two innovative market leaders in the industry is incredibly exciting for the Attic Room. Innovation and technology are at the heart of our business and this collaboration gives us all the opportunity to lead the way in new areas of the beauty industry”y, says Tony Best CEO, the Attic Room

For more information about Revieve:

Revieve is a venture-funded, leading beauty-technology company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland working with retailers and beauty brands across four continents in helping to bring the in-store beauty consultant to the digital era. Revieve’s white-labelled product suite of Digital Beauty Advisor products works directly across all digital channels where retailers and brands engage beauty-shoppers, including digital in-store, e-commerce, on FB Messenger and WeChat.

Sampo Parkkinen
+1 312-572-9976 / +358-41-532-7114

For more information about Visual Image Display:

Visual Image is a global consumer, employee and visitor engagement technology company based in New Jersey, with offices in London, Valencia and Singapore. Our approach gives confidence to retailers that investment in technology is not just transactional but based on long term partnerships that consistently delivers enhanced consumer engagement.

Martyn Barnett
Managing Director

For more information about the Attic Group

Lisa Pick
Account Director


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