Revieve was mentioned on the article at BW Confidential about Revieve - BOOST LAB partnership to give consumers personalised skincare advice and product recommendations in less than one minute.

You can read the entire article below or click on the link to BW Confidential:

Beauty tech company Revieve is to power the online skin advisor tool of Australian skincare brand Boost Lab.

The brand has added Revieve’s skin diagnosis and AI-recommendation engine to its website, giving customers access to the Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor. Revieve says the tool generates customized advice and product recommendations in less than one minute.

To use the tool, shoppers take a selfie using the Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor, answer skin-related questions and enter personal skincare concerns they would like to improve. The tool then offers AI-driven Boost Lab serum recommendations and customized skincare advice based on over 100 different metrics and 30,000 images of people. The tool also generates a skin “health” score based on the given information. Skin health is divided into three labels: OK, Good and Excellent.

Revieve notes that the software makes it easier for shoppers to select the right products on their own and reduces time spent researching products or forming skincare routines based on trial and error.

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