Meeting Customer Needs – the Current and Future Role of AI/AR Technology on Online/Offline Customer Engagement

Why Are Digital Beauty Experiences Important?

During the COVID lockdown, AI/AR and Recommendation technology emerged as a critical tool for bringing the beauty consultant experience into the home.

What should the role of these technologies be moving forward and how are they evolving to support the new path to purchase?

Top 3 Takeaways

Opportunity in COVID

Forced acceleration of all existing digital and omnichannel efforts

Engaging the Customers

Harder than ever before but never more crucial for success

The Role of Digital

Shift from digital strategy to core of the corporate strategy

How COVID-19 is Changing the World of Beauty

Spotlight on wellness

Wellness and awareness of health is now more than ever a factor in beauty. But health and beauty are now just part of a larger boom: the wellness industry, encompassing nutrition, fitness, skincare, cosmetics and more.

Bridging physical and digital experiences

The Digital and Physical environments are converging in a novel way. Brand and retailers will have to bring in-store and digital under one roof, along with customer service.

Channel-agnostic technology

Channel-agnostic technology is becoming the norm. The days of distinct solutions for an individual channel will not return.
Driving the Future of Commerce

Evolution of technology

Mobile devices enable deeper integration of technology into the customer experience. LIDAR sensors, 3D Imagery and other developments act as enablers to create a deeper connection with customers.

AI sets to become the beauty industry’s ‘invisible enabler’

Technology provides superpowers to beauty advisors, empowering them to have a deeper, more engaging dialogue with consumers and offer more in-depth assistance and high-level expertise.

The path to customer-centricity

Technology allows for the shift from an (omni)channel–based approach to a customer-journey–based approach. Building an omnichannel business requires being customer-centric and powered by advanced technology.