Your e-commerce store is most powerful channel you have today to reach shoppers. Through e-commerce, your shoppers are not tied to time or place and can shop your store at their convenience.

This convenience you're providing your e-commerce shoppers shouldn't be confused with the belief that your shoppers don't need assistance in finding products that they like, understanding which products are right for them and ultimately guidance on their way from your front page to the checkout button.

The question is, who is the one doing the selling in your e-commerce store? Are you expecting shoppers to independently find what they are looking for, understand which products they should consider and make an unassisted purchase decision? If you're like 99% of e-commerce stores today, you are.

Think about what your behaviour in a physical store is like for comparison. In your physical stores, would you like your in-store sales associates stand behind the cashiers just waiting for shoppers to find them in order to pay for the products they have found? Or would you like them take a proactive approach and actually interact with the shoppers, trying to understand what that individual shopper is looking for?

Not much of a decision is it? Providing your customers with proactive advice, assistance and guidance in a way that is seamlessly connected to the checkout is an integral component of a great online experience. And no, having articles and tutorials hidden away on a separate page from where your shoppers are browsing products isn't doing it for them.

The era of digital advisors for e-commerce is upon us. Digital sales associates understanding your customers, their wants, their needs and ultimately acting as the e-commerce sales associate. The revolution has already begun, with digital advisors for beauty and skincare.

Join the revolution early or risk alienating your shoppers for good.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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