E-commerce retailers today are bombarded by information, insights and opinions about different services, technologies and functionalities that they could implement in their e-commerce stores.

As a result of this overflow of information, it is often difficult to understand where different services are, how they relate to one another or what the purpose behind all these services, add-ons and functionalities really is.

The same is true with Digital e-Commerce Advisors. The wealth of information around Digital Advisors makes it difficult to understand what they do and why.

Digital e-Commerce advisors come in many shapes and forms, but the common nominator across all Digital e-Commerce Advisors is their ability to guide the e-commerce shopper towards making a purchase when they are in the e-commerce store. Digital Advisors are tools that work inside e-commerce stores that help shoppers decide which products from the retailers product assortment would be ideal for the individual consumer and help explain to the consumer why they should purchase a particular product.

These advisors are proliferating in e-commerce as retailers are realizing how Digital Advisors can act as virtual customer-service representatives for the retailer.

Unlike traditional e-commerce personalization tools, Digital Advisors are highly focused on assisting customers in specific product categories and offer a high level of interactivity as part of the shopping experience. This interactivity and specialization on one specific product category helps the retailer build trust between them and the shopper and helps position the retailer as an expert in the specific product category.

At Revieve, we're on a mission to do just that for the skincare product category with our Digital Skincare Advisor. We're on a mission to transform the online buying experience for the skincare product category for shoppers and help retailers ensure that they become the preferred choice of shopping destination for skincare.

To understand in detail how our Digital Skincare Advisor can help your e-commerce store, visit our website to learn more.


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