Beauty is one of the most attractive e-commerce markets today.

As consumer preferences shift and beauty-buying online heats up, many e-commerce retailers are striving to stay competitive and retain market-share.

To do that, e-commerce retailers need to answer one fundamental question: What do beauty-buyers look for online?

Is it enough to have a broad range of inventory, tutorials and product reviews? Perhaps you should have celebrities endorsing your offering? Or is something else required? What is it that keeps beauty-buyers coming back to the same e-commerce site time and time again?

The truth is, today beauty-buyers don't return to the same e-commerce site time and time again. That's not to say they wouldn't like to, but they simply aren't getting what they need from e-commerce retailers.

In the physical world, beauty-buying is a heavily assisted sale with in-store beauty consultants guiding shoppers towards a purchase by explaining why a particular shopper would be best served by using exactly this or that product.

Now these same experiences are making their way into e-commerce. Experiences that treat the shopper as an individual, provide the shopper with an understanding of why they should consider a particular offering and experiences that fundamentally delight the shoppers.

To stay competitive and retain market share amongst increasing competition in the beauty-space, it is these experiences you need to create for your shoppers.


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The Evolution Of Digitalization

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