Guided-selling is a term that is being used for a variety of purposes in e-commerce. Often referred to as digital assistants, taking the form of chatbots or purpose-built digital experiences, guided-selling refers to the act of providing your shoppers with some form or proactive assistance, helping them navigate their way towards a purchase in your e-commerce store.

Guided-selling is nothing new. The act of guided-selling is what your in-store sales associates are undertaking each day in your physical stores when they interact with customers, listen to what customers are looking for and provide suggestions and proactive assistance in helping your customers find the products they are likely to be interested in buying.

In e-commerce however, many retailers have forgotten the benefits of providing proactive assistance. But the benefits and ROI of guided-selling are clear. Guided-selling solutions reduce the time and effort required from the shopper to buy from you. Furthermore, they reduce the amount of thinking required from the shopper. As we all live in a world where time is scarce, convenience and customer experience are the key elements of building a successful retail offering, also in e-commerce.

When implemented correctly, guided-selling solutions have the possibility to dramatically limit the need to think and reduce choice-paralysis for your e-commerce shoppers. Case studies have shown guided-selling to provide conversion rates up to 4 times to what you're seeing in your store today.

With these types of results, the only question that remains is why haven't you yet implemented guided-selling in your e-commerce store?

For more information on the ultimate guided-selling solution for the beauty-sector, visit Revieve.


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