E-commerce personalization is a hot topic that retailers attending events like Shoptalk, the Internet Retailing Expo and IRCE are talking about in 2017.

As with all topics that are becoming buzzwords, its easy to get confused about what personalization really is and what it really means for e-commerce retailers.

To get that discussion started, lets first discuss about what personalization isn't.

Personalization isn't throwing product recommendations at your website visitors based on them belonging to a specific "buyer" group or showing them products that "others like them" browsed.

Personalization isn't sending your shoppers with abandoned cart notices via email telling them they didn't finish a purchase.

The goal of personalization is not to get the customer to buy or buy more from you. When done correctly, the customer buying and buying more from you is a consequence of personalization, but it should never be the purpose.

What is real personalization then you may ask?

Real personalization online is about understanding the customer. Real personalization is understanding why the customer is not buying and using technology to provide them with explicit, convincing reasons to buy.

Real personalization involves understanding why the customer is considering to buy a specific product and presenting them with reasons to buy that specific product from you.

Real e-commerce personalization provides the shoppers with information about why that shopper as an individual should care about a particular product or offering.

Real e-commerce personalization treats each shopper as an individual and clearly explains them as part of the customer experience that the retailer knows them, understands them and wants to help them.

To learn how real personalization for beauty-products works and what the impact of real personalization is, visit our website.


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